Wednesday, August 12, 2009

wooo baby!

Ah, this mama so prouds. Took little man to the pediatrician this morning. He was all dressed up in his yellow "Hand over the binkie and nobody gets hurt" shirt and jean shorts. Rocked the DOC band old school with the blue stars. (The cowboy theme was a little passe', even after just one day!)

We had a loooong 40 minute wait to be seen. We talked, rocked, read our Circle book (spotted some Mommy jealousy that my 4 month old was holding his own book and "reading", while her 4 year old was rolling on the couches with her dress pulled up to the waist). Okay, FINE, I exaggerate, she was probably actually thanking God that her presh baby didn't have a helmet, but whatev.

My man is officially 15lb 15.5 oz (I'm going to go ahead and say 16 lb) and 25" long. 50th %ile all around, which made both the nurse and doctor laugh, whose body ever measures perfect in the middle of the norms? Kiss that goodbye little man, just wait until you're 30!

As you know, the baby penis is a total mystery to me. So embarassing, I was paranoid mom asking dr "Is it normal? Just tell me it's normal" and she tried explaining. I must have looked clueless because she proceeded to draw a penis diagram on the paper table cover. Again, I must have still looked lost because she was like "and this is the head and this here ridge", oh embarassing. Can you imagine what must have happened when I left and the nurse had to clean that up? Oh the water cooler conversation must have been GREAT!

So we're all good, baby is healthy. Gotta work on the tummy time and introduce solids! Mmm, rice cereal. Anyhoo, I give the good dr props for offering to help me out with my insurance appeal letters big time. The pep talk to never give up helped too.

Cade and I picked up our friend and headed downtown for lunch with the girls. Might I recommend the fajitas and salsa at Monica's Aca y Alla? Tasty and cheap lunch, great service. Yee-haw for places that serve Diet Dr. Pepper! Cade and I love our girlfriends and are so sad that mommy going back to work means no more ladies who lunch! boo:(

We rushed home and my aunt came over to babysit while I went to get my hair done. It's so hard to leave him alone, but sitting in the chair getting my girl talk on, and then getting shampooed was heaven... fresh blonde makes mommy happy!

It was a great day, totally good way to spend the last few days of summer vacay! Night night.

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