Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Husker DOC band!

Daddy ordered Cade some Nebraska Cornhusker stickers. If you haven't met my husband, you STILL probably know that he's a huge Husker fan. No worries, it's already been decided that our children will be Aggies, but when it comes to making bets, your money better be on the Huskers! (I've learned the hard way... it's called "November Bikini Truck Wash")

Anyways, I mixed some football clear backed scrapbooking stickers from Hobby Lobby with the Husker logos to come up with football DOC band greatness.
It's not a carrot, damnit! It's a down and distance marker, even I (football dunce) know that! (um okay, i DID just had to ask for the "official" name)
Gotta baby it up with the heart:)
I must admit, the kid knows how to rock the red.
Stay tuned for more DOC band decor...
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