Thursday, November 18, 2010

Holy Feats of Cuteness, Batman!

Hello month 19, I LOVE YOU!!! Nobody prepped me for the adorableness that is Cade Andrew Lamb at 19 months old. Some of my favorite moments from this month so far:

- Cade finding Izzy for his ritual morning or evening snuggle and kiss. He doesn't stop kissing her and she doesn't stop kissing him. It's too much.

- When he tries to pull me up by grabbing one of my fingers in each of his fists and leading me to our king size bed for Smash Time. Daddy drops him in pillows and we have a family wrestle, Izzy included. Usually ends in a cuddle.

- When he tries to pull up Nick and I for dance time. Usually to Glee:)

- He says "Hi" and does the little Cade wave (opening and closing his hand).

- The different animal noises he's mastered cracks me up. Horse, cow, sheep, cat, dog, snake, turkey, elephant, and today, frog.

- His love for all things boy: fire trucks, airplanes, bulldozers, cranes, anything John Deere, baseball, schoolbuses, people falling down or crashing or otherwise getting hurt

- When I turned on the Husker game and told him "It's football!" He kicked his foot out in front of him and said "oo - ball"

- He bellies up and sits on the coffee table and despite me saying "Oh no, get down", he slid off and then bellied back up on the coffee table and then clapped for himself and giggled. Soo deliciously naughty.

Monday, November 8, 2010

Ups & Downs

What a Monday...

I've been so busy with work and Cade's slow march into the Terrible 2's that blogging time is way cut short these days! Figured I should take some Mommy Time to document our life these days.

Nick and I have gone back and forth and back and forth about whether we are going to just accept that Cade wakes up between 4:45am and 5:30am OR if we continue the never-ending battle of Sleep Training. It's crazy. And no, I don't need comments about how your little precious has been sleeping til 8am since they were 4 months old. That's not the situation we've got. We've got a baby who is totally fine on 7-8 hours of sleep. That's like an adult. Children through age 19 need like 10 hours. wth do I have a toddler who sleeps like he's 25? So yeah, it's a cup of tea.

No really, it's a cup of tea. There is no time for wine or caffeine past 5pm. It's literally Mommy's 8pm cup of chamomile... I've even had to go off the Melatonin, and my faithful boyfried, Tylenol PM, because the 4:45 wake-up time is NOT cool with a sleep drug hangover.

So, I adore my child. I can't stand how much I have the overwhelming need to kiss, hug, tickle, love him. We were having a blast tonight cooking dinner. We turned on the 90's music channel on TV. We jammed to La Bouche (drill team tryout memories!), Britney's Crazy, and some Counting Crows (college library flashbacks). I whipped up an A-MAYYY-ZINGG chicken zucchini stovetop stuffing casserole of goodness. Then I realized as Cade cried in hunger and boredom at his before dinner snack that the casserole delight wouldn't be ready for another 30. Damn. PB&J it is, my man! NOT. Homeboy cried and cried. Cried so much the casserole was done, then he refused to eat it. Hi, Terrible 2's. I hate you.

So we give up on dinner and go to bath mode. It was fun we found toys, he hugged me to stay warm as the tub filled up. Then as soon as I put him in he cried. Then he peed in the tub. Bath over! We got in jammies and lo-and-behold Dancing with Stars was on. Jennifer Grey was rocking her um, Ginger Rogers dance? And Cade couldn't take his eyes off it. So I copied their moves as I held him. He giggled, held on for dear life and giggled some more as we danced. It was so sweet.

Luckily the crying stopped long enough to just heat up some milk and a muffin (the kid has GOT to eat, drives me crazy when he's not hungry) and cuddle him to bed. Lord knows we needed some guidance from above on crazy days like this, so I read the Baby Bible to him. We reviewed Adam and Eve, discussed David & Goliath, and hell, he was out wayy before I got to the Last Supper. It was bliss to not even finish one book and have a halfway sleeping baby who didn't request oh, 5 more books. (Seriously, he's a reader.... needle in my eye, I mean, I'm proud. Very proud of this "habit".)

Anyways, bloggies. They call it mother's love because you don't quit when it's hard. You keep pushing forward to get to the good bits. It was all worth our 90's music, our dancing, and the post bath huggle.... until 4:45 tomorrow that is;) Then it starts again.

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Fall at the Arboreteum

18 months old, hanging out at the Arboreteum with Mommy & Grammie. (Yes those are baby Converse!) It was the most gorgeous day!

Cade tried to sit on pumpkins, it was pretty funny when just after this he sat on a gourd!

My favorite pic in his puppy Halloween costume! He ended up not liking the hat with the ears this day, but he did rock the costume and we got the smile for this when he started to drop the pumpkins and then laugh. Luckily, they didn't kick us out.
Even more luckily, we got these cute pics! On Halloween night he did NOT want to get into costume, so we settled for our puppy jammies. Note to moms of 1-2 year olds, buy jammies that could double as a costume in a pinch! Turns out the 80-degree Texas Halloween night was not a match for our fluffy costume.
I just can't resist this pic below, my fave of the bunch!

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