Sunday, March 27, 2011

Big Bloggie News!

Being a working mom has totally killed my blog drive this school year. With Cade being more active than ever, the free time is zilch to catch up on my stories for you. So, that being said, I'm excited to blog that "We're having a baby GIRL!!" I'm 22 weeks pregnant, due July 28th.

We were trying and trying this time. (And trying for a girl, which is a bit of a science... I have the book by Dr. Shettles and several weblinks of strategies) Finally I had to come to terms with the fact that I can't play God and I had to be happy with having another boy if we were going to try again. One of my biggest lifelong dreams is to have a girl, so this was scary and real. The gender issue aside, about 13 weeks into this pregnancy I had some bloodwork done, the typical stuff...then I got a call from my OB saying that my bloodwork indicated I was recently exposed to CytoMegloVirus (CMV) and that I'd need a sonogram by a specialist ASAP. Of course this news came Thursday before MLK holiday, so I had to wait 5 days to get the sonogram. Everything looked good at that point (and in my 20 week sonogram), but we're still going to have monthly sonos just to check that development is on par.

At that early sonogram Dr. K gave us a 95% chance we were having a girl. As soon as we got into the hall outside her office I cried and cried. Healthy + girl was more than I had expected. We went back at 19 weeks for another check and again we got the "healthy + girl" verdict. The weight of the world felt lifted from my heart and shoulders. I'm very aware of the delicate nature of life and am very overwhelmed by our blessings so far. So overwhelmed sometimes that I just don't feel deserving or like what we've been blessed with will last. That's been my biggest challenge the last few months. Working on feeling worthy, trusting in God and having faith in my family and our future. So as therapy, when I'm questioning what the future holds, I go to Baby Gap buy some little girl outfits, then come home and look around at the home we've made and our little family and fall in love with God all over again.

23 months

A pre-bath naked baby run is one of the things you look forward to when you're pregnant. You think to yourself, "How cute is that? I want that!" Then it happens and it takes your breath away a little bit. No way I would blog actual naked butt pictures, just take my word for it. It's freaking awesome. Side note, when in life is your butt ever more perfect than your butt when you're a toddler? No cellulite, no dimples, no man butt hair, no sag. It's smooth, sweet, and smells like lavender baby wash. Somebody tell me how to reclaim that butt I had when I was 2. I could use it now;) Cade's first year we took monthly pics on his lambie rug. He used to fit in the circle of the belly all stretched out. Twenty months later this is what we've got. Sitting still enough for a 2 second picture is difficult for a toddler, but the upside to that is that you've got some pics of what he actually looks like when he's in his own world. The devilish grin below I just love. He doesn't bust this out except when he's teasing us, and we can't help but smile back.
We got his hair cut on Spring Break and lost that Beiber fever that everyone loved. It got a little shaggy (we even went 2 weeks post those cookie pics below if you can imagine). So Friday of Spring Break mission #1 was to get it cut. I took him to Cool Cuts, per recommendation of every boy I've ever taught at school. He was all about it until he realized he had to sit still and get a trim. (I read somewhere to call it a "trim" not a "cut" so your toddler doesn't think his head is getting amputated or something, whatev, guess I'll say "trim" now) Thank God I had mommy ammo -- fruit snacks and organic lollipops, and that Cool Cuts had their own brand of ammo -- a large DVD case featuring Toy Story. Score!! He refused to wear the cape and sit in the car. So he sat on my lap and got sheared and I got covered in fluffy hair. Flexibility is the key to motherhood. So I went with it. Eventually. The stylist asked if she could use clippers. I practically slapped the woman, but quickly realized that he'd never get the clean cut boy next door look with scissors only. $15 later we had Crew Cut Cade. LOVES IT!!

Nick and I can't stop staring at him and how different he looks, so older, so preppy. So ready to turn 2 in just 11 days!
He's still our baby boy. Never again will he be 1. The rest of his life will be measured in years, not months. The rest of his life will be yearS not year!! Jeezzz... Guess I'm ready for it. He's not waiting behind in land of the 1 year olds with me, I better march on with him into the rest of his life.

Monday, March 21, 2011

Spring at the Arboreteum!

One of my very favorite things to do with Cade is to spend a spring day at the Arboreteum. It's a beautiful, peaceful place and so much fun to snag some spring pics of my fave little man.

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