Saturday, April 30, 2011

Prego Bridesmaid

My dear friend, Stefani, got married April 30th and I was so honored to be a part of her wedding (and not be asked to leave when I told her I'd be 7 months pregnant!). Being a bridesmaid you totally want to be at your best to support your friend and the marriage. Being in my third trimester I was exhausted but we pulled it off! I even got to rock my own bridal shoes again (silver with some bling) with the dress. It was so fun being a bridesmaid when all the girls have been best friends for 15+ years (most of us met in sixth grade!).

So, baby girl was officially in her first wedding (and at her first bachelorette party, we will keep those pics off the blog!) She makes for a great date. Was totally able to score an extra piece of wedding cake to "feed the baby". :)

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Saturday, April 23, 2011

Texas Wildflower pics

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Dyeing time!!

After last year's PAAS fiasco, I was going to be certain to A. avoid that brand, and B. wait before 8pm the night before Easter to dye Easter eggs. Fresh up from naptime, Cade and I sat down to a table of Disney Toy Story egg dye & a batch of 18 hard boiled eggs & got to work making Easter. I opted for the "add 3 tbs vinegar" option to make for super bright eggs. Our eggs turned out GORGEOUS (proof to come), but we were left with dyed pink hands. After Googling "how to remove Easter dye from hands" (previous search today was "how to hard boil eggs")

Turns out the magic combo is baking soda + water + lemon juice. You won't notice any dye coming off your hands at all. In fact, after a good 8 minutes of scrubbing and playing with this paste, you may even start to have visions of your son 15 years from now gearing up for high school football with pink hands. You give up, because you have a birthday party to get to, and an hour later, no kidding, hands are totally dye free. On retrospect, this kind of scares me about the power of baking soda + oxygen over that topic for another day, huh?

Here he is oohing and ahhing over his "cool" purple eggs & then seeing the effect on his fingers. I love that face and those lips. :) Happy Easter everyone! Better hop to bed so the Easter bunny can come.

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Sunday, April 17, 2011

Visiting the Easter Bunny

Today we went to visit the Easter Bunny!! Last year we did Cade's pics with the live bunnies at Northpark Mall. It was tres adorable, but this year, being a big 2 year old, we had to check out The Man himself, Mr. Easter Bunny! We spotted him hanging out at Willow Bend Mall in the most adorable garden scene. Cade was impressed from the moment he laid eyes on him! (yay -- no scared screaming toddler pics!)
I spy the Easter Bunny!
Hi Bunny, nice to meet you!
Love at first sight. So you mean you bring good little boys colored eggs filled with CANDY?! AND you will fill my basket with toys and treats??!! I LOVE you!
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Thursday, April 7, 2011

Cade's 2nd birthday!

What better time to catch up on blog posts than summer? Lets flashback a few months to April! I know I already blogged about how hard it was for me to watch Cade grow up to be a 2 year old. Official toddler time. Only one more year til he reaches "preschooler" status, at which point I may just need some help breathing.
We planned a little family party for our boy. Last year's 1 year old bash with all of mommy & daddy's friends was a little overwhelming. This year we had the party again at home, and it was Toy Story theme, his FAVORITE movie ev-er! We had snacks and cupcakes and balloons and presents, it was perfect for our little man!

The whole fam came! Cade's godmother Amanda & her mom, Maryann, Grand Aunt Shanon, Gigi, Lolli & Papa, and Grammie & Grandaddy. Mommy & Daddy surprised Cade with a big red crab sandbox! Aunt Kelly and Uncle Eric got him a ton of diggers and dozers and he got shovels to play with too. He is in heaven when he's in his sandbox playing construction man.
Aunt Kelly & Uncle Eric

Papa & Lolli

Great grandmother, GiGi!
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Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Little Buggy

My little buggy, my little love bug, my widdle man! I can't believe you are turning 2. I sit here crying just thinking about how I'm going to stop my heart from bursting (and trying to figure out how to balance a laptop around prego belly with kicks). If I'm having a hard time accepting that you are TWO, imagine the train wreck I will be when you go to kindergarten or off to college. I'm sorry sweetie, I thought I'd be the cool mom. I was just having a hard time thinking that soon you won't need me anymore. Which is silly, because only I understand your words, what you want, and only I look forward to diaper changes. Even the stinky ones where you say "poo poo" and hold your nose and say "yuck!". Gotta love it when we're on the same page. When I first laid eyes on you I couldn't say anything else besides "He's so beautiful. He's perfect" and Oh God, how you've lived those words every day of your life. I'm certain that no other mom just gets her breath taken away by her little man as much as I do when I look at you. Whenever I've had a dark moment, and there have been several since you've been born, you've lifted up this family and carried us through. As much as I hurt and regret at my Boppy and Uncle Steff not getting to see how amazingly perfect you are, I know that you have bits of their fun, smart, loving personalities in you and that makes you so special to me. Yesterday at daycare my heart broke when I could see you were sick and you burst into tears when you saw me. I loved it just a little because I am the same when I see the person who has come to take care of me when I don't feel well. All this talk about you growing up and you still need me! Amazing, and I love it! Tonight you fell asleep on my as I sang our song and it was so perfect. That's what I've been afraid was lost forever and tonight I got it back for a little bit. (um, thanks fever/viral infection!) I could rock you in my arms forever. I love you little boy, more than I can ever describe. Happy last day of being 1 year old! love, Mommy
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