Sunday, February 20, 2011

Who stole the cokkie from the cookie jar?

Okay, so Daddy gave him the Oreo. But for some reason he was so sneaky and irrestibly cute having his Oreo moment that I had to take this series of pics!
When we went to the store a week earlier after our snow week Cade was running through the aisles, having a blast. It was perfect because we were able to restock our fridge and let him play, there was nobody in the store. (Side note: It blew my mind that the store was practicly in apocalypse conditions.... low on veggies, zero bananas, zero potatoes of any sort. wtf?!) So we made our way to the cheese & cookie aisle (random set up, right?) And Cade stops his running and dancing and brings me a pack of Double Stuf Oreos. Of all the cookies he found the family favorite and just brought it to me for approval then stuck it in the cart!! Nick and I were cracking up, this kid blows our minds sometimes. Such a smart boy to distinguish from all the cookies and then also distinguish between normal Oroes and the clearly superior Double Stuf! Atta boy, Cadester!

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Saturday, February 5, 2011

Train Lover!

We had an uber-pleasant surprise on the way to eat at Babe's Chicken House in Frisco in January. As we pulled up we saw a big, black t(out of service) train! Cade nearly jumped out of his carseat, his feet were kicking a mile a minute and he was squealing and clapping his hands. Luckily we beat the rest of the family there, so we played on the train and track for a little and I scored some uber-cute pics of my man.

Anyways, if you've never been to Babe's, you're missing out. It's the quintessential Texan-style food I live for. It's set in a huge barn with dim lighting, cowboy music, long wood tables and mismatched chairs. You know you're in for a good time when they bring you out a bowl of butter and big vat of honey to go with your meal. You order one of their five fried meats which come heaped on a family-style platter with all the sides they offer, salad with a sweet vinagrette, mashed potatoes, gravy, green beans, buttery corn, rolls, and little bowls of homemade honey mustard. I guess the dim lights hide the gorge-fest that happens at every table. Of course I wasn't thinking when I invited my vegetarian aunt and health-conscious grandmother in law, but even they seemed satisfied (I tried the pot-roast, never liked the stuff before in my life, but LOVED hers!) The waitresses do the hokey pokey, which Cade loved but didn't quite get. Perfect place to let your toddler run around, hell--- it's a barn.

More pics & stories to come! Using the snowed in time to catch up:)
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