Thursday, January 22, 2009

holy crap...

Some things blow my little pregnant mind...

#1 damn that ultrasound is cute. it's so freaking cute! look at him snuggling up in there. i'm one comfortable momma and my baby likes it.
#2 seeing that heart beat on the 60" tv screen at my fabulous dr office blew my mind. sure, i know someone is growing inside of me.... but seriously SOMEONE IS GROWING INSIDE ME! i have 2 hearts beating in me. if that's not enough to make you believe in God or something bigger than yourself... i'm blown away. i've never been more amazed. sure enough, there are 2 hearts in me. so go ahead, get greedy. i've got enough lovin' to go around. i have 2 hearts now. me and my little buddy, my teammate.

Now for random thoughts...

#1 Lesson for the Ladies: daddies to be get 10 more months of drinking. you pee on that stick ladies, and you don't even get a celebratory glass of fine champagne. your new happy hour go-to drink is Ozarka. Oh, you'll try to make yourself a virgin Cape Cod... turns out that minus vodka, you're just drinking plain ol' cranberry juice. (at least you're avoiding a UTI) Moral of the story: if you're thinking you might want to get pregnant in the next year, you take yourself as many happy hours as you can now... no regrets when you're sitting at home feeling like a fat cow, googling baby furniture on craigslist, wishing you could sip a beer just for the hell of it.

#2 when i can't sleep at night, i come up with all sorts of curiosities. i get to wondering the most random things. i need a night-vision, small little laptop by my bed so i can do 3am google searches. seriously, i need mini night-google. i can't even remember now what on earth was so important or fascinatingly curious to me, but last night, i wondered stuff from about 1:45am to 4:30am. you'd think i would have figured out some stuff in that time. not so much.

#3 Thank you to the considerate sick strangers I encounter. So many people will be sniffling or coughing and then say "Oh, pregnant lady, I'll stand back HERE" and then they will back up or even leave the room entirely. To that I say thank you. And feel free to continue to avoid me even after I have my baby. I'd be cool with never being exposed to your germs ever again. Shouldn't we always be this considerate when we're sick? Shouldn't we always make the extra effort not to cough, sneeze, or snot on other people when we're ill? I would think so, but apparently to these people, it's only a concern because I'm with child. Nonetheless, thanks.

Monday, January 19, 2009

Ultrasound pics!

2D ultrasound. Profile of Cade's face and you can see his hand. 3D ultrasound.

A video of Cade's ultrasound. He was pretty still at this point, just before he nuzzled into the placenta for a nap.

Loving Life!!!

Whoa, after that last post we need something a bit more positive, right? I haven't blogged in awhile, been feeling more tired at the end of the day now that I'm in my third trimester. Today officially marks week 30, 10 more to go til we get to meet little man.

I had my second ultrasound appointment today. The placenta moved up (yay! no excuse not to go forward with natural delivery-- yikes!) I feel so blessed and grateful because all of Cade's measurements are normal and he's developing great. Measuring a week ahead, he now weighs 3 lbs 9 oz. There's no cause for concern or worry at this point, so everything's on track. Now if only I can put down the doughnuts and chocolate-covered everything and start feeding this kid some brain food I'd be set.

We were totally taken by surprise when our dr whipped out a different ultrasound wand and said "Lets try to see him in 3D". I had to stop myself from shouting "yessssss!" and throwing a fist in the air. Seriously though, people pay hundreds for 3D ultrasounds at those little shops outside the mall, how awesome is she for letting us have a sneak peek (compliments of insurance we hope!)

Just chalk today up as one of the happiest days of my life. Seeing our baby in 3D was so cool, we both were sitting in that office with huge smiles and squinting and cocking our heads to take it all in. She zooms in on his face and we saw Cade open and close his mouth, stick his tongue out just a peep, and then he smiled like 3 times in a row, it was so funny! The dr was so sweet (fellow Aggie btw) she was like "How precious! Look at him smile!" and Nick and I were totally speechless and in awe. He then raised his little hand right by his face and wiggled it. I know I'm a bullshitter sometimes, but I swear the kid smiled and waved. I have 3 witnesses.

Anyways, she set the computer to record him right after that and all we got was still face and shortly after he nuzzled into the placenta. Apparently 3D needs fluid between the baby and the placenta to be able to capture the baby's image, so that was it for today's Cade show.

I don't know if I'll be able to get another ultrasound now that things are looking normal, but I'm so incredibly grateful and thankful that he's looking healthy that I can't complain. Ten weeks never felt like such a short amount of time! Stay tuned, we'll see how it goes.
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