Saturday, November 26, 2011

Some days are just like that.

Some days are just like that. One of the hardest lessons to learn as a mommy is that your days are going to be far from smooth and perfect. Expect the unexpected and you will be fine. Today was kind of like that.

First on the agenda was pick up the house for pre-Thanksgiving cleaning lady day! Oh, and on a time limit because I booked a play date and trip to the pediatrician in the am as well. You forget when there is kid stuff everywhere plus laundry for four people and bottles from sending your kid to daycare how much work this is!! We ended up running late to the play date. That's another mommy lesson. You will be late. Frequently. If you ever find yourself lounging on the couch before an appointment thinking, "Wow! I have an hour to kill before I have to be there", then you are already running late. As a mommy you better be in the car driving thirty minutes before you are due somewhere. Even if your destination is just five minutes away.

So, the play date went smooth. It was one of those times you wish your mommy friend lived in town because not only do you have great conversation and she can hang with the ADHD-style conversation patterns of mommies with toddlers, but the kids were getting along fabulously. Super bummer. That's like going on a date with a guy while you're on vacation. Who knows what could have been?

We did miraculously leave at the perfect time to be at the pedi right on time. Um, I totally hate though when you have to sign in and put the appt time and arrival time. Makes me feel bad when those two times are one and the same. Just as I was patting myself on the back for getting there just as the clock read my appt time, I felt all bad that I wasn't five minutes early.

So the dr visit was for Devyn's four month check up. I had prepped Cade that he needed to tag along because she would be getting shots and we needed Big Brother to help her be brave. After she got hers I asked to get my flu shot too. It occurred to me when we first got Devyn's flu shot that Cade had a fever that day so I didn't get his. Today, Big Brother would need a shot too. For those keeping track, that's mommy and 2 lambies all getting vaccines in one day. No good. When the nurse came back with Cade's shot he said, "Nononono shot!" he cried. He screamed. Tantrum time. My chill boy actually had a tantrum. I felt evil as I picked him up, kicking and screaming and put him on the exam table. The nurse swiftly did his shot as I held down his arms and upper body and tried to be sweet, gentle, and understanding. For a split second I almost slapped the nurse and took Cade and ran away. Before we knew it, it was over. My broken heart. Poor poor baby. As soon as I hugged him and told him he could go pick his sticker and lollipop he was a-okay. Thank God he likes green everything. There will ALWAYS be his favorite flavor if this green love sticks.

Anyways, we were then late for our next appointment, lunch with mommy's friends. After hauling the kiddos downtown with my sore flu shot arm, I finally found parking. As I turned off the engine I checked the backseat. Sure enough both lambies were sound asleep. Damn. Never wake a sleeping toddler. We strolled down McKinney Ave and found the friends. Our meal came quick = bonus. Then Dev got hungry. I could barely pop on my nursing cover and she was crying. Fitfully nursing her she was thrashing a bit, the cover slipped and there was righty. I'm sure that the businessmen having lunch across from us appreciated that.

Thankfully Cade was great and we made it home to prep for Thanksgivingg and Daddy even offered to do the grocery run! Sweet ending to a bumpy day. ..... Until I saw the grocery bags. That's another story in itself!!!

Later bloggies!

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Flashback, 3 months

Busted. Here I am, posting another flashback to 3 months old.  Such is the life of the working momma. Yes. Baby girl grew.  She continues to hover at 95%ile for height and weight. Go girl! Little pudgy when you're just 3 months old is a great thing.

The best new skill this month is the consistent smiling and awesome eye contact. She wants to know what's going on all the time. She also started to giggle in month 3. It started actually at a check up we had this month. (Yes, the typical sched is 2 month then 4 month well visits...I choose to space out vaccines for my babies, so we have to go back more often to catch up on vaccines)  She had a bib that was pink with black trim and when I stripped her down to be weighed she had black fuzzies on her neckline.  I gently rubbed them away and we discovered a tickle spot! It was so exciting and so cute to hear the little gurgle giggle. 

Of course at that  moment the dr walked in and I had to excitedly share her new skill. We got positive feedback in the form of a casual smile before she launched into her check up and I had to put aside the overwhelming desire to tickle out more giggles through the entire visit.

Mommy's girl has a special smile just for me. And I love it!! I love that her favorite sound is my voice. Maybe I've always needed attention and this kind of innocent, pure wholehearted love. 
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Flashback, 2 months old!

Hi bloggies! My apologies, September flashed by and I didn't get a chance to upload Devyn's monthly pics on her lambie rug.  I bought this onesie for her when I was on the way home from "The Pilgrimage" to the Pottery Barn outlet for nursery digs.  Grammie and I stopped off in Waxahachie and the ADORABLE little boutiques they have there and this onesie had baby girl's name written all over it. Aside from our lambie love, the script reads "I am a blessing" and there is a little pink cross embroidered on the third lamb. Then I spied the sweetest little soft pink tutu with ribbon waist. Perfection! She's everything I thought she'd be in it. I loved her so much when I bought her First Outfit that day, and I love her so much more in the pics!  Such a shame that the onesie is already outgrown. It's totally going in the "saver" box.

I have a special place for each child's special outfits, a "saver" box for each of them. These outfits I hope I can pass along to my brother's kids one day and then have them gently returned for my grandkids to wear one day!  Silly litte dream. Almost like hoping Devyn will wear my wedding dress while still dreaming of the day we go shopping and she tries on beautiful gowns and find the perfect one for her. . .

I don't know about you other mommas out there, but I'm totally dreaming of my kids' weddings one day. I have my special song for Cade and I hope it's our first dance song.  His song is Tim McGraw's "It's Your Love".  It translates to a perfect little memory of the night we brought him home. I was listening to the CD clock radio in his room as I rocked him to sleep for the first time. This song came on and I started dancing and rocking him and singing to him. Nick came in and we cried and held him and danced.  The lyrics say, "Dancing in the dark, middle of the night. I'm taking your heart, and holding it tight........ oh, it's beautiful thing, don't think I can keep it all in. I just gotta let you know, what it is that won't let me go. It's your love........ Better than I was, more than I am, and all of it happened by taking your hand." 

That last line makes me think of the first time Nick took my hand, walking into Houston's for our first date. It also makes me think of driving Cade home from the hospital, he held onto my finger tightly the entire way home and I said a little prayer to God that I hope he never gets too old to hold my hand.  I just had visions of taking this little boy to kindergarten and then dropping off a young guy at college.  It's a special memory and a special song.  I hope I get to dance with him at his wedding. And if it's not this song, I hope it's one that has even sweeter memories attached. If that's possible. 
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Saturday, November 19, 2011

One year

This time last year I surprised Nick in our rented RV with telling him I was pregnant. This time last year I listened to Mariah Carey sing "All I want for Christmas" and crying just praying the whole song that I was pregnant with a baby girl. When I heard it today I was caught off guard by the rush of emotion and found myself sobbing as I looked at the backseat and there she was. Our missing puzzle piece. The little darling girl I have dreamed of all my life. It's funny, because with Cade my love for him takes my breath away, I never knew my heart had that kind of capacity despite my head over heels love for my husband and my dog. With Devyn my love surprises me because I have dreamed of her forever. This love is both familiar and new at the same time. Getting to know her is like going on really good first dates every day!! You wonder where this is going to go, but you just know something special is there that is yet to see.

I am so excited for our first Christmas as a family of four! To be able to each proudly hold a little blonde Lambie on our laps at Christmas Eve service. To have an infant to snuggle Christmas morning as Cade opens his gifts. To put that little pink Christmas tree I bought in college in Devyn's room. To thank God for making my biggest dreams come true. Love you, bloggies. I hope your holiday season is full of blessings too.

Sunday, November 13, 2011

I don't give birth. I clone.

 Cade  Andrew Lamb. The day he was born.

Devyn Alexis Lamb. The day she was born.

                                                                  Cade at 2 1/2 months.

 Devyn at 2 months.

 Cade at 8 weeks.

Devyn at 7 weeks.

What's up?

What's up with you? You've been asking... Here is my list of what I'm up to.

1. Adjusting to being a working mommy again. Just when I found my groove and a set of great girlfriends with babies who stay home or work part time, my time was up. Being back at school felt like home again too. I remembered my first day teaching walking into the building and saying to myself, "So this is my new home. One day these big unfamiliar halls will be old hat.". Sure enough it felt good to be back and use my teacher skills. Most days it still feels good. Out of the month I've been back I've only had one bad day.

2. Getting used to "short" hair. Seeing myself in the mirror these days is strange. I like my new 'do but I'm tempted to go long again. The flat iron has treated me well but I miss my big ute curling iron. What's a girl to do?!

3. Starting the holidays with Devyn is bringing back so much excitement and so much longing for my grandmother and uncle to be back with us. The memories are fun to experience again but the wish to have them here and see my babies is too much sometimes. Every time I think "Life is not fair" I remind myself that "Life is okay, it's okay to go on, there are more blessings down the road if you just hang on". Having Devyn and Cade reminds me we have to move forward and not spend too much time wishing for the past. I am so thrilled to see Cade experience Santa again and for Devyn to be able to roll over and sit up and be mesmerized by Christmas lights. I can hardly wait to decorate!

4. Bootcamp. The last time I did a bootcamp style exercise class was four years ago. I was in THE best shape of my life. Then I had kids. Now I'm back to square one. I have zero muscle (except my arms from carrying babies) and zero endurance (unless jumping out of bed several times a night to tend to find a binky or nurse an infant counts). So it's safe to say bootcamp is kicking my butt. I hope to a badass again soon, so watch out.

5. Reinventing Mommy Time. Working on achieving The Balance of mommy, teacher, girlfriend, and just plain me. I had it down during maternity leave, now trying to do it all and get "me" time is overwhelming. Most of the time I enjoy the ride. (and when I'm not, Diet Dr. Pepper and fries seems to help).

Later bloggies! I've got to capitalize on Holy Grail Time AKA dual nappage of the kids so mommy gets a nap too!!

Friday, November 11, 2011

Halloween fun!

We seriously  had the best Halloween ever this year! Cade has been in love with pirates since Jake and the Neverland Pirates took over Disney Jr.  I have secretely been so excited for him to get into pirates since I was nursery shopping and saw the cutest little pirate themed boy's room. I searched and searched at fabric stores and online and found this perf little costume on  Another huge BONUS of the costume was that it was silky and soft just like pj's.  After last year's refusal to put on his puppy costume (aside from the one pic I managed to snag at the pumpkin patch) I knew I'd have to figure out a costume that he'd be comfy in.  (And that would look cool with the checkered Vans, of course).

So we planned the family costumes around our little pirate. For Cade's first Halloween we dressed up as Lion (Cade), Dorothy (Mommy) and Scarecrow (Daddy) from Wizard of Oz. This year we stayed with the Peter Pan / Jake and Neverland Pirates theme. I rocked a Forever 21 green tunic and black Loft leggings and Nick snagged a costume from the Halloween store at the last minute. (I picked up the Hook hat and facial hair at US Toy for so cheap!)  

Devyn's costume was the most effort. I bought the mint green long-sleeved onesie from Little Lam boutique in Richardson. If you haven't been, take yourselves there. Be prepared to drop some money, because there is some seriously cute clothes for babies and toddlers.

Mom and I then headed to JoAnn fabric and discovered the sequin trim courtesy of Disney, it's legit Tinkerbell sequins. Yo ho! (Or as Cade says, "Ho ho, mateys!!")  We also layered a super shiny white and lime green tulle and sewed a baby tutu.  I used stick on rhinestones to blig it out between the layers. We used extra sequin trim to make a headband and stuck on a big pink flower clip I already had.  She also got a cute little pair of pink ballet slippers with pink flowers from one of the baby showers, they were the perfect finishing touch!

Luckily Devyn woke up enough to trick or treat. She's such an early sleeper, she loves to go down between 5:30 and 6:00pm!
Getting Cade to smile or even "Argh!" for the camera was impossible!! He was so happy that everyone was playing dress up with him. 
After I was done laughing at the shoe covers/faux Hook boots I fell in love with my husband all over again for totally making Cade's life by surprising him in the Hook costume. Cade's reaction was so sweet, he was so so happy! 

Confession. Turns out $3 sticker facial hair doesn't really stick. I had to glue stick it Nick's face.  No real facial hair or skin sacrificed in the process.
Our first house.  People really do give away candy. For free. All of the neighbors just give it away. For free!!! Mind blowing to the Cadester.

Proud Grammie and Lolli getting some pre-festivity lovin from Devyn!
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Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Growing up

I've been feeling distant from Cade the last few days and it's been hard for me to pinpoint why. Last night as we were getting ready for bed it hit me. He's is growing up on me and it makes me uncomfortable. I'm not sure I am ready for this three year old to emerge. He just turned two and a half last month. The difference in him astounds me.

Some days I am frustrated still by trying to decode his toddler language. The syntax makes me sometimes feel like I live with little Yoda. You know he's speaking English but you have no clue what his point is. You guess, but you are always wrong Young Jedi. And this little Yoda ain't so patient!!

He has his little life figured out. There is a plan and opinion for everything. If Mommy's idea for what to don't match his, watch out! The dragon or pirate will then hiss at you or swing his sword your direction and say "no Mah-Me.". The way he chops his syllables when he's not pleased will really make you question your actions. Then you take a breath and resize you're in charge because you are the grown up.

Tonight little pirate done broke my heart. I was changing him into pj's and I kissed the back of his arm....pause. I ow, back of arm is strange but I make ita practice to kiss all the sweet little spots I can now while A. They are still cute and not grody, B. He is too young to remember Mommy smothering him with affection every chance I get, and C. Because life is too damn short and the child is irresistible. Okay, play. So I kiss the back of his arm and he recoils. He wipes his arm and puts the kiss back on my mouth. Shit you not. Then he says "no more kissing, Mommy. Too much kiss."

Um. croak!!! I started to tear up. He just looked at me like, "what? That's a reasonable request." and I couldn't respond other than cry a little and say,"Too much kiss? No such thing." as I dejectedly put on his pj's and stared at those cute tiny toes. Then I remembered. I'm Mommy. I will decide when there is "too much kiss". Not today, little man. Not today.

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Pumpkin Prep

One of my favorite family traditions from growing up was carving pumpkins. My brother and I would each pick our own perfect pumpkin, taking into consideration perfect shape, color, texture, and extra bonus points for a cool, intact stem. We would sketch various designs, lay out the newspaper, mark our pumpkin designs and begin to carve. Mom would save the pumpkin seeds and bake them to get toasted just right. The smell of raw pumpkin, then toasted seeds for snacking, and smelling a candle in a lit pumpkin on the porches at Halloween is all part of the experience. I was pumped to carve with Cade this year! Nick gets grossed out by pumpkin innards, so it was all me!

Cade doesn't quite get it yet that all of the neighbors will be giving us candy.
Candy?!! At houses! That's silly!!! 
Mommy and Cade Dragon go, "Pbbbbbth!"

Guess who inherited Daddy's gross-out-pumpkin-innard aversion?  He actually said "Ucky, Mommy! No touch, go it away!"

Hard at work at sticker pumpkin. He was so serious and so artistic.  I laid out a midi-pumpkin for Cade with glittery foam stickers. He went with a star theme. So adorable. *And awesome fine motor skills to peel those stickers all by himself while I carved away! Bonus!*

As he said the other day, "That's Cade's pumpkin. Pretty stars. Green is my favorite!"

 I am LOV-ING the little monologues he gives these days. Sometimes I can't understand half of it, but I'm always impressed when I can. Both with his talking skills and my mommy translating skills! ha! He serioulsy is growing up so much that I forget he's just a little teeny tiny boy.  You'd think that spending my days with nine and ten year olds would give me more of a reality check with how little Cade is, but he seems so grown up. I can have real conversations with him now! Love it!

Devy girl enjoyed her bouncer and staring at the sunlight and flirting with us while we worked. (And MAJORLY flirting with her Daddy!)  What is it about babies loving light and shadows?  She has really blossomed that last few weeks in the way she shows her love. She is so attentive and loves to just make eye contact, read your face and give you a slow, sly grin followed by her "happy noise" (words can't describe it) and then maybe a little baby giggle.

She is just content. If I had to pick a word to describe her this day, it would be content. Happy to go along with whatever fun the family is having. Happy to just look at her brother lovingly.  Happy to listen to Mommy's stories and try to vocalize back. She's our little happy girl. I hope she always stays that way!

Here is our little punkin with the final happy pumpkin!  The teeth were supposed to stand out more, but one slip of my knife made them more like baby teeth.  I guess that's apprope for our house of toddler & baby!

Happy holiday prep for the kids = Happy parents for having another fun memory!!

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