Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Flashback, 2 months old!

Hi bloggies! My apologies, September flashed by and I didn't get a chance to upload Devyn's monthly pics on her lambie rug.  I bought this onesie for her when I was on the way home from "The Pilgrimage" to the Pottery Barn outlet for nursery digs.  Grammie and I stopped off in Waxahachie and the ADORABLE little boutiques they have there and this onesie had baby girl's name written all over it. Aside from our lambie love, the script reads "I am a blessing" and there is a little pink cross embroidered on the third lamb. Then I spied the sweetest little soft pink tutu with ribbon waist. Perfection! She's everything I thought she'd be in it. I loved her so much when I bought her First Outfit that day, and I love her so much more in the pics!  Such a shame that the onesie is already outgrown. It's totally going in the "saver" box.

I have a special place for each child's special outfits, a "saver" box for each of them. These outfits I hope I can pass along to my brother's kids one day and then have them gently returned for my grandkids to wear one day!  Silly litte dream. Almost like hoping Devyn will wear my wedding dress while still dreaming of the day we go shopping and she tries on beautiful gowns and find the perfect one for her. . .

I don't know about you other mommas out there, but I'm totally dreaming of my kids' weddings one day. I have my special song for Cade and I hope it's our first dance song.  His song is Tim McGraw's "It's Your Love".  It translates to a perfect little memory of the night we brought him home. I was listening to the CD clock radio in his room as I rocked him to sleep for the first time. This song came on and I started dancing and rocking him and singing to him. Nick came in and we cried and held him and danced.  The lyrics say, "Dancing in the dark, middle of the night. I'm taking your heart, and holding it tight........ oh, it's beautiful thing, don't think I can keep it all in. I just gotta let you know, what it is that won't let me go. It's your love........ Better than I was, more than I am, and all of it happened by taking your hand." 

That last line makes me think of the first time Nick took my hand, walking into Houston's for our first date. It also makes me think of driving Cade home from the hospital, he held onto my finger tightly the entire way home and I said a little prayer to God that I hope he never gets too old to hold my hand.  I just had visions of taking this little boy to kindergarten and then dropping off a young guy at college.  It's a special memory and a special song.  I hope I get to dance with him at his wedding. And if it's not this song, I hope it's one that has even sweeter memories attached. If that's possible. 
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