Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Flashback, 3 months

Busted. Here I am, posting another flashback to 3 months old.  Such is the life of the working momma. Yes. Baby girl grew.  She continues to hover at 95%ile for height and weight. Go girl! Little pudgy when you're just 3 months old is a great thing.

The best new skill this month is the consistent smiling and awesome eye contact. She wants to know what's going on all the time. She also started to giggle in month 3. It started actually at a check up we had this month. (Yes, the typical sched is 2 month then 4 month well visits...I choose to space out vaccines for my babies, so we have to go back more often to catch up on vaccines)  She had a bib that was pink with black trim and when I stripped her down to be weighed she had black fuzzies on her neckline.  I gently rubbed them away and we discovered a tickle spot! It was so exciting and so cute to hear the little gurgle giggle. 

Of course at that  moment the dr walked in and I had to excitedly share her new skill. We got positive feedback in the form of a casual smile before she launched into her check up and I had to put aside the overwhelming desire to tickle out more giggles through the entire visit.

Mommy's girl has a special smile just for me. And I love it!! I love that her favorite sound is my voice. Maybe I've always needed attention and this kind of innocent, pure wholehearted love. 
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