Saturday, November 26, 2011

Some days are just like that.

Some days are just like that. One of the hardest lessons to learn as a mommy is that your days are going to be far from smooth and perfect. Expect the unexpected and you will be fine. Today was kind of like that.

First on the agenda was pick up the house for pre-Thanksgiving cleaning lady day! Oh, and on a time limit because I booked a play date and trip to the pediatrician in the am as well. You forget when there is kid stuff everywhere plus laundry for four people and bottles from sending your kid to daycare how much work this is!! We ended up running late to the play date. That's another mommy lesson. You will be late. Frequently. If you ever find yourself lounging on the couch before an appointment thinking, "Wow! I have an hour to kill before I have to be there", then you are already running late. As a mommy you better be in the car driving thirty minutes before you are due somewhere. Even if your destination is just five minutes away.

So, the play date went smooth. It was one of those times you wish your mommy friend lived in town because not only do you have great conversation and she can hang with the ADHD-style conversation patterns of mommies with toddlers, but the kids were getting along fabulously. Super bummer. That's like going on a date with a guy while you're on vacation. Who knows what could have been?

We did miraculously leave at the perfect time to be at the pedi right on time. Um, I totally hate though when you have to sign in and put the appt time and arrival time. Makes me feel bad when those two times are one and the same. Just as I was patting myself on the back for getting there just as the clock read my appt time, I felt all bad that I wasn't five minutes early.

So the dr visit was for Devyn's four month check up. I had prepped Cade that he needed to tag along because she would be getting shots and we needed Big Brother to help her be brave. After she got hers I asked to get my flu shot too. It occurred to me when we first got Devyn's flu shot that Cade had a fever that day so I didn't get his. Today, Big Brother would need a shot too. For those keeping track, that's mommy and 2 lambies all getting vaccines in one day. No good. When the nurse came back with Cade's shot he said, "Nononono shot!" he cried. He screamed. Tantrum time. My chill boy actually had a tantrum. I felt evil as I picked him up, kicking and screaming and put him on the exam table. The nurse swiftly did his shot as I held down his arms and upper body and tried to be sweet, gentle, and understanding. For a split second I almost slapped the nurse and took Cade and ran away. Before we knew it, it was over. My broken heart. Poor poor baby. As soon as I hugged him and told him he could go pick his sticker and lollipop he was a-okay. Thank God he likes green everything. There will ALWAYS be his favorite flavor if this green love sticks.

Anyways, we were then late for our next appointment, lunch with mommy's friends. After hauling the kiddos downtown with my sore flu shot arm, I finally found parking. As I turned off the engine I checked the backseat. Sure enough both lambies were sound asleep. Damn. Never wake a sleeping toddler. We strolled down McKinney Ave and found the friends. Our meal came quick = bonus. Then Dev got hungry. I could barely pop on my nursing cover and she was crying. Fitfully nursing her she was thrashing a bit, the cover slipped and there was righty. I'm sure that the businessmen having lunch across from us appreciated that.

Thankfully Cade was great and we made it home to prep for Thanksgivingg and Daddy even offered to do the grocery run! Sweet ending to a bumpy day. ..... Until I saw the grocery bags. That's another story in itself!!!

Later bloggies!

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