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I love being out and about with my little lambies.  About two years ago, when my oldest child started walking we were out to lunch with a girlfriend and we realized we had NO idea where we supposed to take our toddlers. There we were eating lunch at La Madeleine in Northpark and realizing that our toddlers were going to need different activities than mall shopping. (Although the mall is still my son's fave place to go!) Up until then our little baby blobs were content to tag along to wherever us mommas wanted to go. Seriously. My maternity leaves were filled with mani-pedis, shopping, and movies... Enjoy that non-walking, non-talking, cuddly stage as much as you can, new momma! Now that they had minds and legs of their own, it became our momma duty to find fun places for them to go. Building memories was the best gift my mom gave my brother and I. Children learn the most through play and through seeing the world and having a variety of experiences. So, get out there and have some fun!

Many of my momma friends as me where I find fun places to take the kids. I love looking to Dallas Child magazine for events going on around town.  They have an excellent calendar that they publish monthly with seasonal events and special exhibits coming to the Dallas area. I also have found that talking to other mommas and keeping my eyes open when I'm driving around (AKA between trips to my Mecca- Target and preschool), is another great way to discover fun spots to take the fam. I don't limit my experiences to my little suburban bubble, I'm uber-comfortable with hopping on 75 and heading downtown and everywhere in between to find the toddler/preschooler hotspots.

As I discover new (and re-discover old) places to go with my lambies,  I'll share them with you! Feel free to comment or link up your own favorite spots.

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