Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Northpark, how I love thee!

So I've made it one of my life's missions to make sure my offspring love malls & shopping. In fact, after Cade was born I made sure his first mall experience was the Northpark experience. Only the best mall in Dallas (although Galleria tries).... Here are the reasons why I love Northpark. (and hate people who say "You drive all the way there?") Um, I didn't move to the suburbs to stay in the suburbs. I strategically chose a home that has easy access to 3 major highways so I can get around Dallas. People who live in the DFW area and stay in their suburb bubble are lame, and that's not me.

Wow, I really got off track there! Okay, so back to Northpark love.
1. This mall has the best stores. The Dillards here has a huge shoe section, and brought in the most amazing swimsuit selection ever. Um, if I can brag about a swimsuit collection given the trauma of swimsuit shopping you know it's good. Even better at 50% off!

2. The mall has a great movie theater. With real popcorn. By real popcorn I am referring to the fact that they scoop it fresh into your bag from the popper. Unlike other places that place it under heat lamps and then try to pass it off as fresh movie popcorn. I don't think so.

3. This mall has a Dallas Public Library in it, with fun little crawling playthings for my baby.
3 1/2. Puzzles galore and climby stairs and gorgeous murals! Me likey!

4. The pretty art. The floors are shiny and gorgeous and the art is amazing, and they bring in art. So you're getting a cultural experience also. You'd think Cade is running towards the art, but actually he notices the "up up" and the "down down" (AKA escalators).

5. The awesome food court with comfy chairs. You can get a fajita taco, Sonic drink, snappy salad, or crepe all in one food court. Their restaurants are also amazing, but I save my money for clothes and food court it.

6. The awesome bathrooms. You think I've gone to far, but if you are a breast-feeding mama you appreciate my tips from my months of experience (now over!) and you appreciate that I know that Neimans, Nordstrom, and Barneys are so nice to their nursing patrons they have special couches and seating areas. And they've raised their prices so high, you're not tempted to buy everything you see.

7. The Ann Taylor Loft here formerly had a Maternity section, now it does not. Which is sad, because Cade might want a sister one day and I might need to use it one day. Howev, I am enlightened so I put it on this list and spread the word to all you prego's out there to go online and buy, buy, buy their reasonably priced, amazingly fitting prego cardi's, shirts, pants, and jackets.

8. The night scene, dress up, throw on your heels and eat out at one of the fab restaurants. Scenesters of all ages walk the mall after 8pm. If you love looking at pretty people dressed well, this is where you go.
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