Saturday, July 10, 2010

Forward-Facing Baby!!!

So, pics from the day of firsts. After his haircut, we turned around his carseat to be forward facing. His long legs were getting a little cramped sitting rear-facing. So, although Nick & I got plenty of kudos from the CareSafe carseat installation technicians a few months ago for having our 12 month old rear-facing in his toddler seat, we had to turn him around.

He freaking LOVES it! It's so adorable to see him pointing, oohing and aahing as he sees stuff on the road. He even knows red light (he raises a stop hand) and green light (he babbles and points forward)...good training, I say, esp if I check a text at a red light.

So the real danger appears to not be that he is forward facing, but rather, that I am totally engrossed in his facial expressions as we drive. I've even (uggggggggh) bought some nursery rhyme and baby song cd's. They are so LAME, but track 27 on the nursery rhyme CD has challenged me in learning ALL the verses of the "I had a cat and my cat pleased me, I fed my cat under yonder tree. Cat goes fiddle-I-ee"

Going to have to move on to the Raffie and Joe Scruggs classics that I can actually enjoy. I just can't really stand listening to little kids singing nursery rhymes. I SO prefer me some Lady Gaga and Adam Lambert. I do risk Cade becoming a little Glam Rocker... but it's worth it. Right?
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