Thursday, July 8, 2010

Parade Pics

I'm so excited to say it did NOT rain on our parade. V excited seeing as though it was Cade's very first. Being true Patriots, we just HAD to have his first parade be the 4th of July parade. The same parade my parents took us to each year. Mom even made sure we took Cade to our exact parade start. (Close enough to the beginning of the parade to get all the candy, but far enough away to avoid too much crowds)

(Yes, being a good mom means posting the pics where your child looks cute, even if it's not your own personal best pic).... Okay, okay, Nick and I look presh in the pic below, even though Cade' face is blocked...but I was referring to the previous pic...just to earn good Mommy points)

Cade showed off his High Five skills AND his Fist Bump skills with the fire dog. Yay, Cade!

So, I only have one complaint about the parade...there were definitely less creatively-decorated floats than advertisement floats. I'm guessing there were no auditions to make getting a spot in the parade an honor. Nope, more like "If you have a car wrapped in ads, feel free to parade with us".

Okay, complaint time over. It was a blast, I totally loved being there with Cade. He danced, waved his flags, and I even got a tear in my eye singing "Proud to be an American" with him as we waved at the Vets. One even said "Hi Sonny!" and he waved right back. I love, love, loved it!

sorry for lame post. Going to get more coffee and put down Cade for an early nap, so I can snag a nap too! wish me luck.
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