Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Swim Swim Swimmy! (and a booby story)

Swim Pics from Lolli & Papa's Pool! Mr. Turtle is so the pimpest baby float we've ever seen. Only thing missing is a cupholder. And a motor. I'm so calling it: in the next 5 years baby floats will have joysticks and motors so they can propel themselves across the pool and Mommy doesn't have to disrupt her tanning flip schedule by motoring baby manually.

We do own 3 baby sunhats. Elephant, fishy, and light denim. Of course we couldn't find them as we packed up the pool gear so we borrowed Daddy's Aggie hat. And rocked it. (of course)

This is not the time, nor the place. But I miss prego boobs and bf-ing boobs. Okay, I don't miss the hard as rocks watermelon days or the oops-I'm-leaking days, but I am missing the Pam Anderson perk-tastic boobies of yore. Turns out I was in the percentage of women who deflated. I would have rather kept the last 4 prego pounds in the breast department. (only if perky, of course) I'm feeling insecure. Like I'm honestly, on a daily basis no less, remembering the day in middle school when my brother's friend called me flat in the middle of the hallway during passing period. Yep, a 6th grade boy told an 8th grade girl she was flat. I'm such a geek, my response was something like "Oh yeah? Take away the L and I'm still skinny, take away the L and you are FAT!" In my head it was a kickass comeback. It left him stumped long enough for him to shut up and me to walk away. I've forgiven him... not because I'm a saint, but because of the apology 8 years later. He really was chubby at the time. Now he's grown up to be a handsome man and when he ran into me in the bar he told me I was hot ("No seriously, I mean HOT!" was his line) so all is forgiven.

Anywaysssss, on a NOT flat topic, Cade's pumped up floaty rocks his world. So does pool time.

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