Monday, April 22, 2013

Bonnie and Clyde

It's happened. We had our moment of realization when suddenly Nick and I looked at each other and we knew. The kids have joined forces. They have formed a bond that most certainly will put us to our tests as parents. Their brother and sister relationship was formed from the minute Cade kissed my pregnant belly and said "I love you baby Devyn". But they've grown, developed, and at ages four and one they will soon join the ranks of one of the infamous duos. NOT Donnie and Marie. NOT Hansel and Gretel. NOT Michael and Janet. NOT Bert and Ernie.  Oh no. These two most certainly will use their wills for evil. Certainly they have capability of turning into the sibling version of Bonnie and Clyde.

Exhibit A:   They look at each other, one will start to scream, then the other will scream and it's a test of who can scream the loudest and longest. Especially awesome whilst driving in the car. Piece of momma advice I've learned that works in this scenario: If you can't beat them, join them. So then I get to scream too. And you know, it's a rather fine outlet for me too. And 100% of the time it ends in giggles. So, I'm down with that.

Exhibit B:   On the other end of the spectrum, and maybe the more evil end of the spectrum, is when they are silent. And out of sight.  If you've been a parent for more than 1 year you know that silence is NOT a good thing. It means trouble. For Devyn it means going through my bathroom stash of products under the sink. (Our babyproofing deal sucks, from months of kids pulling on the safety latches has worn them down and now they open with only 3%  more resistance than having nothing on your cabinet door at all. siggghhh...) But when they're together it could possibly mean a chair in the pantry looking for candy or cookies. Together. So stinking clever and cute and evil at once.

Exhibit C:  Food related crimes. One of them will get the idea that they need candy or a cookie and both of them will come together to come persuade me with looks of cuteness. They jump up and down and say "cookie cookie cookie cookie" and smile and it's adorable.

***Breaking news report: As I type this Devyn has taken her baby to the wall plug, made the baby doll touch it and then sat the baby in time out and she's sitting down next to her saying "No, no baby!" Now she hugs the baby and is saying "All done baby, All done!" and nodding her head. This child... ***

Exhibit D:  They have started to argue. And isn't that the major downfall or every famous duo? You can't decide what to do with each other so you argue. This is my challenge. To be their coach -- make them more a powerhouse like Venus and Serena. Use their love for each other and build on it every day. Teach them to stand up for each other and help each other and above all, be best friends.

In our wedding program Nick and I  both thanked our siblings. They taught us how to love each other, live with someone of the opposite sex and get along, compromise, and be patient and loyal.  I want for Cade and Devyn what we have with our own sibling. Memories. Good ones. Knowing there is one person in this world who is guaranteed to "get" you.  On Grey's Anatomy Meredith and Christina talk about being each other's "person".  A sibling should be a built-in "person". When I had Devyn I was so happy and elated to get my baby girl, but I was also so moved that I could give this amazing gift to my first born, Cade. A friend. A "person". A sibling.

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