Friday, April 19, 2013

Perfect Playdates

Some days are just perfection.
As a Momma I love those days.
Those days make me want to have more children and be the little old lady who lived in the shoe. Okay, it wasn't EXACTLY perfection, but you know. We take what we can get. A few hours of perfection? Yes!

Probably my #1 playdate is heading to Klyde Warren Park downtown.
I do NOT believe in not leaving my suburban bubble. Sometimes I get stuck in the bubble, but I crave the Dallas skyline.  Day or night, it's truly beautiful. So to go to this relatively new park (it's less than a year old)  which is built over a highway in between some of the most gorge skyscrapers we have makes me so happy.

The kids love the playground. It's got a huge pirate ship looking climbing structure with winding stairs (not so fun to chase a 1-2 yr old on), and a huge and smaller yellow rope "spiderweb" to climb on. Oh, and FINALLY - a park with a Merry-Go-Round!   The spinning circle of death is back for the younger generation to both enjoy and fear. And I'm sure on the warmer days I'll love the splash pad. For now, it's a feature that a few families partake in (mostly Dads who let their kids go--- so odd, right?!). Which makes me want to throat punch the 'rents who allow that on 50-60 degree days. Can't we all agree that it's OFF LIMITS in cold weather?  (Same with the coin-operated rides at malls... Can't we all agree that they are broken and let our kids "ride" them for free? Cause once you stick your 50 cents in those things, there's no going back. Ever. Now they know those deals move - all bets are off. And usually it's grandmas who  break this rule - FYI.)

That doll face is one of our fave friends - Audrey. Her momma and I met as 16 year olds at our first jobs as hostesses at the best hamburger joint around.  We reconnected at A&M and then again as new mommas with infants in their DOC bands. Notice the perfect heads. :)  What I love most about Amy is her friendship and keepin' it real.  Only a few people can look at each other and simultaneously think/say, "Look at that skinny B in her yoga pants and perfect hair. I hate her!"

Check out those sassy little jeans and little loopy hairdo. Sweetness.

So hardcore. BruceWayneBatman in action. I was able to snag some cute pics for his bday card on this gorgeous day. Score!

p.s. Thank you to the sweet strangers who talk Batman with him. He loves it when people say "Hey! Batman is here!!" wherever we go.


The three amigos. The big kids are so good with Devy Girl.

Cade loved the live music and danced and danced.
I loved Crazy Fish sushi truck! It's awesome to go try new food trucks. Of course the crowd was ridic, being Spring Break and all, so the line for the other trucks were insanity.... On a regular weekday or weekend it's not that crowded. And chances are, your luck won't be shite and a 100 kid daycare won't plop down 1" from your picnic blanket.

Momma Review:
Cost: Free (if you find street parking). Parking prices range from $1-2 on a parking meter to $10-$12 if you park at the museum parking.
Ages: 0-adult.
Bathroom Sitch: Permanent bathroom in the kids' play area. This is where the changing table is, baby  mamas. Extremely nice portos on the food truck side with faucets and counters. Conveniently near the beer and wine truck.
Food: Pack your own picnic, they have little tables and chairs to use, or bring a blanket. Click here for the food truck schedule. I've tried Relish and Crazy Fish. Loved both!
Pros: Great for all ages. Perfect for a playdate, family outing, or date day/night.  The live music rotates, it's not too loud. There are also free books, newspapers, and board games sponsored by the Dallas Morning News.  The kids' area has a big kid area and little kid area. Bring a change of clothes for the summer months when your littles will want to partake in the splash pad and sand play. There is a cool dog park. The grass is synthetic, so it's always pretty. There's a dog park, so take your pooches. They have a doggie drinking fountain so you and your pup can hydrate.
Cons: You can't wear high heels in the kid area. Kidding. I'm SO not that Momma. But there is a sign. Consider yourself warned. Also, we learned that bulldogs drool on babies. A lot. And maybe your human babies shouldn't roll on the grass in the dog park. Gross.
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  1. Such a great playdate spot! Auds and I are so blessed to spend our time there with the amazing Lambie's! :)


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