Monday, October 11, 2010

kiss Lambie! kiss Mommy!

18 months old, and he did it! Although he is battling a sinus infection and an eye that makes him look like Quasimodo, Cade kissed Mommy and Daddy tonight. He's been blowing kisses for quite awhile, and now we're at 100% for making the smack noise and moving the hand away from the mouth. (for awhile there it was fun enough to just suck on the hand or a finger and then wave with the other hand)

Last week he kissed his Mickey Mouse and then when I said "Kiss Mommy" he kissed Mickey then made Mickey kiss me (kiss smack noise included). It was really cute.

Tonight we were playing hide and seek on the Lambie rug, Cade was hiding in his blanket and then surprising me. And I asked for a kiss. He kissed Lambie first, then he kissed me. Then Nick came running in and he kissed Nick. Then he walked to his air purifier & I thought he'd kiss that and spoil the moment, but he didn't. So happy kissing lives on! We hope he saves it for us, and not all the girls at school.... more details on his mackin' ways to come.

Until then, night night bloggies. Dreaming of more kisses in the morning.
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