Monday, September 30, 2013

T is for teary

Cade is officially in pre-k this year! And every time I see a handwriting worksheet I get teary. It is so sweet to see him practice his handwriting, he tries so hard. Is my baby seriously old enough for a pencil?? Of course, but it makes me proud and sad that he's growing up. Only in motherhood can such a contradiction of emotions occur. 

Sunday, September 8, 2013

It's soccer time!!

Excuse the lame MC Hammer reference.
That's aging right there. Kids these days have no idea who that even is. Ridic.
Anyways, we had our first game of the season yesterday! 
I completely forgot how much I have watching the kids play.
They are so cute in their tiny shoes and shinguards.
Oversized jerseys and shorts that cover their knees.

I can't even handle how proud I am when I see my kid running down the field, breaking away from the pack and scoring a goal. Or four. And two assists, Grammie is very proud of those assists, do NOT forget the assists because those goals woud have never happened without him she says.

I understand that pride though. Cause I feel it. I don't think it's just pride that he scored. It's pride that he was having fun working with a team.  Seeing him smile while doing something athletic. Knowing that being a part of a team, any team, is so important as a life skill. It's cool to move into this phase of  childhood where it's all about soccer practice and homework.

Speaking of pre-k, let's discuss his first homework assignment...
Find something with the letter C to bring for show & tell.  He rejected car, cat, cow, and went with his cape. Super cool because it's his super Cade cape and had a letter C on it. Double C's, baby!  I asked him what his friends brought in and he said, cars, cats, and courage.  Wtf- courage?!  Who the heck? I may have confronted the mamas at Saturday's birthday party to ask who was responsible for that one. They all denied it.  So, I'm secure in our friendship and understanding with those mamas.  No over-achieving pretentious homework doing helicopter mamas in this group. #Relief.  Maybe the teacher taught them about courage? Like vocab lesson #1?

I decided to ask him what other letters he knows and he said "B!"  Of course, because Batman starts with B.  I asked him what starts with B and he answered, "Beer, Bats, and Batman!"   I thought surely I had misheard my little angel, so I said "What's that, sweetie? Bear? Cheer?" He said, "No, beer!  Beer, beer, beer!"  Damn. Damn, damn, damn.  That's word #1 my kid knows? What are they teaching him in school? Ha. Ohhhhh, jeez.  So I said, "What's beer?" And he said, "What Mommy and Daddy drink." Oh... "What's bats, sweetie?"  He says, "Dark night bats."  I say, "What's Batman?" He says, "Dark knight Bruce Wayne."  Oh-kay.  Wonderful.

Thanking God Nick and I didn't prank his teacher as we had planned. We wanted to send him with a Coors Light, sack of sugar (Crack), and some condoms.  Apparently he will take care of the humiliation on his own.  Let's hope they don't study B for another few weeks so I can practice some more appropriate words.
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Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Wordless Wednesday

Pics from Balboa Park in  San  Diego, California
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Sunday, September 1, 2013

Family Love


Time for a little Labor Day weekend reflecting on our summer.
Because this blog is my diary to my kids, I get to gush a little sometimes.
This is one of those times.

When we travelled together this summer we learned a few things about ourselves:
1. We pack the biggest food bag of anyone on any of our four flights. One momma had a clever little bead box filled with various healthy snacks. I had my gym bag packed with 12 pounds of food. One man in his 70s asked me while we waited for a connecting flight, "Is that really a bag full of just food?" I thought he might be hungry so I offered some,  but turns out he didn't want teddy grahams, pretzels, fruit snacks, lollipops, Twizzlers, mini sammies, squeeze fruit, pb crackers, or M&Ms. Picky  man. I don't know, maybe I watched too much Lost.... I might have to run from polar bears if we get stranded on an island from hell, but I will NOT starve to death. Nope.
2. Speaking of food, Twizzlers cures any roadtrip meltdown.
3. Hotel rooms with bunk beds for the kids? Seemed genius, but it was a disaster from minute one.
4. I really missed my DVR, but I had Candy Crush and went up like 20 levels on each trip, so that started a new addiction.
5. I learned that the whole family would have appreciated an itinterary. This is HUGE. The next family vacay will def be spelled out on a color-coded Excel document. Careful whatcha wish for, fams!
6. Nick and I definitely bonded over time at the beach with the kids. Just us, the water, the sand, some magazines... It was awesome. Everyone got into their own groove and it was perfect to just relax and enjoy nature and each other.
7. Trying new things together and making memories. That's what family travel is all about, right? Going to Sea World and watching the kids see whales for the first time, such a beautiful moment. Riding a kid-size amusement rides was a first and so exciting to get a taste of future fun to come.
Taking Cade to his first baseball game and seeing him get into it and catch the Padres spirit was a blast. Seeing Nick watch Cade as we sang the National Anthem before the game started and tear up when we all yelled "Play ball!" was a highlight. Devyn's breathy "Oh, Mommy, loooook!" when she got her first glimpse of the ocean.... my number one moment. Love at first sight for the kids in California made us seriously consider how we could move our family out there.
8. Coming home. All that said, coming home.  Seeing each other in a new light made us appreciate our home and the life we've made here and the family we've created made us not take any of it for granted.

Mommy and Daddy always love you guys.
Every moment, little and big.
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