Wednesday, July 23, 2008

the day i knew!

Nick has wanted a baby since the day we got married. I've always had my checklists of things to do first, and we decided we'd start trying this past spring. July came around and I was hoping that this would be it. Me-- wait for a missed period? I think not! So I made myself wait until the 23rd (my lucky number!) to take the pregnancy test. Nick was at work and I woke up from a deep nap, and figured, lets do it. If I'm not pregnant, I'll just go tutor my kiddo and then get drunk.

I took the test and thought my eyes were fooling me. Two lines!!! I put my hand on my belly and just looked at myself in the mirror for two straight minutes. So this is what I look like when I'm pregnant! I couldn't stop this smile, I looked like I'd gotten away with something. I went to tutor and wracked my brain with cute, fun ways to tell Nick. Those 2 hours I just kept loving my secret and thinking I'll never be alone, This baby and I are our own little team now.

After tutoring I ran to Walmart, found a perfect baby card with a little lamb on it and grabbed 2 more pregnancy tests. No such thing as false positive, but I needed confirmation of this little miracle! I had orignially tried to find a shirt for my dog Izzy that said "Big Sister" but apparently they only make those for dogs bigger than 50 lbs. Bastards.

I ended up making dog tags that said "Big Sister" and "I'm Pregnant" and tied them around Izzy's neck with blue, yellow, and green ribbon. Nick came home and I was waiting on our bed, Izzy ran to get him and ran back to the bed before he could see her. When Nick came back he picked up the dog and saw the little baby feet dog tag and said "No shit? No shit!!!" We cried and hugged. It was sweet and beautiful and exciting and terrifying all at once.
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