Tuesday, August 7, 2012

What it's like to have a 1 year old girl...

Oh baby sister girl.
It's your turn now!
I did not know how fast this last year would go.
I had an idea, but I really did. not. know.

From the minute you took your first breath and let out that powerful, girly cry I was relieved.
You were a girl.
One hundred percent.

What is it like to have a one year old baby girl?
You stand at your crib every morning. Bouncing and saying "hi".
Sometimes you have to cry because I'm not ready to wake up yet. Sorry.
You point to your door because your first mission is go find Cade.
He's your beacon in this world.
You adore him.

You like to wave to everyone.
Everywhere we go you wave and say "Hi!" in a squeaky little girly voice.
You even wave to the people in TV commercials.
You love your dog Izzy.
You are the only one in the family who never gets tired of playing fetch.
Only when you throw the ball in goes like 4 inches.
So Izzy tires of that first.
You love dogs so much you wave to them on tv too.
You kiss the baby gate box at Babies R Us because there was a doggy on it.
You love balls.
You love cars.
Cade bought you a pink minivan for your birthday.
You push your princesses in it.
You could play with your Fisher Price Little People castle all day.
You sing to Backstreet Boys and it makes Mommy so happy!
Cade told us to "Turn it down", but we didn't.

You hold onto my hands and power walk.
When I say "Daddy's home!" you power crawl to the back door with Izzy to greet him.
Seeing him makes you laugh and squeal his name and kick your legs.
You are a Daddy's girl.

Your first word was "Hi".
You are trying to walk.
But for now it's more fun to take one step and then fall down and laugh at yourself.
You always have two bruises on your forehead from bumping into things.
When I tell you "no-no" you look at me and smile.
You like to splash in Izzy's water dish and eat her dog food.
You love to climb.
Last week I found you standing on the toilet seat trying to look out the window.
You scared me to death and made me laugh at the same time.
Your Grammie calls you a Pistol.

You scrunch your nose and close your eyes and give a big "ha-ha" when you're being naughty.
You could eat all day long.
You adore ice cream and frozen yogurt.
You love the bath tub.
When I rock you to bed and give your your bottle you stop.
Your strum your lips to make the silly noise you like.
Then you giggle and close your eyes.
Thank God you are a good sleeper.
(Most of the time.)
You are still a little mystery.
You still are mostly dreams of pigtails, dance classes, and pedicures.
I can't wait to continue to discover all that is Devyn.

My dreams.
My daughter.
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  1. She is the cutest little pistol ever. I love the way her light shines right into my heart.


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