Friday, August 3, 2012

Cosmic fun at Cosmic Jump

A couple of weeks ago we met up with our cousin Michael and Aunt Kelly to play at Cosmic Jump in Allen. It's a smaller version of Jump Street, which was perfect for the littles and even fun for the big kids because there were less summer crowds.  Cosmic Jump has lots of huge trampolines for kids to run back and forth on and attempt tricks. For $8 for 2 hours (they don't check the time) it's a good time. They also have a dodgeball court on trampolines which looked like so much fun! If I wasn't trying to chase down my lightning fast crawling one year old I would have jumped right in and hopefully not gotten my booty kicked by a bunch of preteens.

Sometimes the only way to get Cade to look at the camera is to have him yell or roar.

They have an area for the little kids too! Cade and Devyn loved the inflatable slide. I can't believe Devyn practically conquered the stairs up this bad boy all by herself.

Running up the walls was perfect for the boy who fancies himself Spiderman. The big kids could do flips and all sorts of crazy tricks. I'm thinking some of the kids with ADHD I grew up with would have LOVED this place! (Or rather the Mommies would have died to send them here!) Such a fun place for kids!

Lil Miss Seriouspants.

I have to give Cousin M a big shout out for being so great with Cadester. Despite the ten year (?) age difference he totally kept Cade entertained and they had a blast!  I also have to give a shout out to the sweet girl who was the "lifeguard" staff member for the kiddie trampolines. She let Devyn crawl/walk on the trampoline with me when there was nobody else on the trampolines. So sweet!

My rating of Cosmic Jump:
Overall for the 3 and under crowd JumpMania in Plano is a better value for your money.
Pre-walkers fare better with the toys and mini-jumpers in the toddler area at Jump Mania. If you have to bring a younger sibling it's a lot of supervising :) 
For the 4-7 year olds this is a good time & worth your money (and the drive). It's a good clean place and there are plenty of tables for parents to sit right by the trampolines and keep an eye on their kids. It's not too loud inside, which means you can carry on a nice convo with the other parents in your group while the kids play. Bonus!!
For the 8+ group this place is a great way to spend a few hours, knock off some energy and enjoy yourselves! I definitely think parents would feel better about dropping off their middle schoolers here due to the smaller venue and staff supervision. JumpStreet is just so huge it might scare off some of the parents from leaving their kids in the mega-crowds. They had a Kinect to play with and lots of trampolines, basketball court trampolines and dodgeball trampolines. The space and less crowds just seems safer.

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