Tuesday, October 27, 2009

holy stinkfest batman!

So I haven't blogged in a bit, but I honestly have a subject that's been taking over my mind and I haven't thought of a clever yet appropriate way to write about it. So here it is, baby poop. All you future mommies, don't get scared. All you who condemn "bathroom talk", skip this entry.

In our meetings at school we always have to start with celebrations first. Celebrations for my Cade would be that we are officially a solids-eater! Yay! (And by solids I mean the practically liquified Gerber variety...organic of course, bonus points on my mommy score card - whoop!)
We've mastered bananas, apples, sweet potatoes, peaches, green beans, green peas, apples & apricots, pears, and now prunes! We've also mastered our share of variety in baby cereal: rice, brown rice, and oatmeal. I'm so pretty much making up this whole food-introduction process as I go. I can't figure out when Stage 1 ends and Stage 2 begins and how to plan "meals" for him. No clue, but whatev! He's gaining weight and in 75%ile so I must not be a huge f'up, right?

Now comes for the concerns. The diapers. Ohhh, the dirty stinky diapers. Oh, the unholy smells. I had my first gag-reflex to a diaper yesterday. Not only was the stink outrageous, but it looked like um, looked like a giant melted Hershey kiss. I'm sorry, I know it's TMI and my mom will kill me for writing this, but I died when I opened that. And the thing is, I've so always been amazed at how powerful my love is for this sweet angel baby, that I've been --- for 6 months-- thinking my baby's poo don't stink.

I'm ridiculous, I know. I never wanted to be THAT mom, but I always was a bit suprised that I didn't start vomiting at the first #2 diaper from day 1. I've totally been living in poo-oblivion. Hell, I even totally accepted it when the pediatrician told me that brown, yellow, orange, AND green were all acceptable #2 colors. But forget it. The cloud has lifted. It's over. Bye-bye loving mommy filter on poo smells. Hello gag-city.

As I said earlier, I don't know much, but I have learned some BAD combinations of food (and by that I mean unholy diaper-ness):
- Peas & rice cereal
- Oatmeal & green beans (worst of all time bad)

Now I understand I've totally tempted the universe by putting this out there, but I'm certain tomorrow will not be pretty. Tonight was oatmeal, green beans, AND prunes (hey- they kid was hONgry!) Please Lord, let the #2 come at daycare. I pay too much money to not get SOME perks!

Good night baby bowel Gods. Bless me and my Diaper Champ and Lysol. We'll be ready.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Momma's Punkin in the Pumpkins

I know, Cheesefest 2009 with the title, but I couldn't resist. One of those daydreams I had whilst rubbing my big prego belly was of taking my baby to a pumpkin patch. Something about a sweet butterball baby lounging with big round pumpkins warms my heart like a tall nonfat light whip mocha. (also something I dreamt of whilst prego)

Sunday was the big day. Cade and I loaded up snacks (toasted pumpkin seeds, dried cranberries, dark chocolates, Almond Hershey kiss mix for me; rice cereal and Enfamil for him), grabbed our jackets and picked up Grammie and Grandaddy. We met my aunt, uncle, and cousin at the Arboreteum to hang out for my uncle's 60th birthday (shout out!). It was the perfect day, clear skies, absolutely gorgeous. Strolling around looking at the millions of pumpkins, gorgeous fall foliage, and flowers everywhere was so relaxing. (okay, and exciting to see all the cute kids getting pics taken---haha, and hilarious to see fat brides in rather unfortunate wedding gowns, but I digress)

Cade loved it, he was so attentive to the colors and so loving the pumpkins. He's decided that faux-coughing is a clever means of communication. I'm sure other parents were thinking I was parent o' the year letting my baby cough and choke and sputter, but he was so faking for attention. As soon as you looked at him you got this big grin and if you faux-coughed back at him he'd just do it again and again. (Before you go calling CPS we just had 6 month check up and got clean bill of health, so go get over yourself...oo, I'm nasty tonight!)

Anyhoo, you don't really care to hear more, you want to see the pics, so here goes. Enjoy!

Saturday, October 10, 2009

6 months old pics!

Still the happiest baby on the block!

Showing off sitting skills.

It was only a matter of time... let the birthday boy have his day.

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First Food with Taste!

September 7, 2009 Cade tries his first "solid" besides rice cereal--- bananas! Very seriously tasting it, then very excited about the new taste. Give me more, Momma!

Video clip of tasting bananas as first tasty food (besides rice cereal:).
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Thursday, October 8, 2009

Guilty Horrible Parents

In the midst of figuring out which parent should get the first sleep shift and who gets the second sleep shift, and when said shift switch time should occur, we forgot. We didn't even realize, there was no handy reminder, I had no freaking idea....I missed my baby's six month birthday.

I know! What the hell?! I didn't even know the 7th came and went until I got a text this morning from Nick that said "Did you remember it was Cade's 6 month yesterday?" Um, I felt like shit. I may have cussed in my training. (No worries, it was semi-approp given it was the child restraint training and half of the day I had to pretend to bite/hit/scratch/grab/kick/choke my principal) I wanted to cry, in fact, there were tears but my friendly staffmate was kinda panicked when she saw the ol' eyes start watering and then I felt bad for making her feel bad that I was about to cry. I know, awkward.

So then today I get home for work with Cade, and I try to find the camera. Again, bad bad poor mommy. My regular camera broke, borrowing my mom's camera, can't find my mom's camera. Ugggh! Why why why can nothing be easy? So, I didn't even get a semi-fresh 6 month old pic. I have a quasi-cute pic on my phone of the 6th of the month, and nothing from the 7th, and now nothing of the 8th. Whatev, this is what happens when people don't let you say he's 5 months and they start rounding up his age so then I forget when he actually does have a milestone.

All the other cute mommies have cute pics of their cute babies with cute signs that say how old they are. My baby crunched and ate his 5 month sign. I forgot his 6 month bday. What does this say about me? I'm exhausted. I'm guilty. I missed it and I can't get it back. Damn.

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Yo rolio!

We are SO on the verge of something big here. We've been waiting and watching and cheering and the camcorder has been on perma-standby. He puts his head down to the ground, pushes his booty in the air, kicks his feet and pulls with his hands....but yet not enough of a "crawl" to officially announce it.

I've demonstrated last night and that seemed to help quite a bit. Got a little bit of rug burn on the ol' elbows, but it was worth it. Cade tried his best to mimic me, but mostly he laughed and laughed and then tried his hardest. Then slapped the floor with his hands and tried again, he did a couple of creeps....BACKWARDS. Don't think it counts as it was probably accident. Poor kid. He's zero crawls forward, and two creeps back. Ah well, as long as the first crawl doesn't happen first at daycare, right? (now that I've put that out in the universe watch it happen for the teachers I've kind of probably pissed off...if it does they know not to tell me about it, right? They'll play along and let me tell them that he did it first at home...right?)

So today was pretty cool. When I dropped him off at daycare he was on his back, rolio'd to his side, and grabbed his little buddy's arm, and then proceeded to nuzzle his face into this other baby's shoulder. Um, it was kinda presh. I won't lie. Then I realized maybe the teachers don't want him grabbing other babies, so I gave him a toy instead. Good thing, because about 30 seconds later Cade spit up about 3 inches from the kid. It was gross too, a little brownish tint to it due to the Poly-vi-sol (nasty baby vitamin, supposedly "grape" but nothing about it resembles "grape" to me. But what baby is going to sue for false advertising? I'm sure we don't even get to introduce grapes until what, 8 months? 1 year? huh)

Anyways, in things that freak us out, Cade has decided he's now a stomach sleeper. I can't judge for this because I'm all about stomach sleeping, in fact he probably gets it from me. I slept on my stomach while pregnant until my belly made it too uncomfortable. (No, I didn't restrict myself to left side only, go back in the blog and you'll see I find that theory to be bunk) So the kid rolls over totally on his own and then cries in the middle of the night when he is too sleepy to remember how to roll back over.

I will say it's almost the cutest thing in the world the last 2 days when I've gone to get him out of his crib in the morning. He has pushed himself up on his elbows and he just looks around, sees ME and smiles and shakes his head side to side and just grins and coos. I can't stand it. How could any one being be so freaking precious? In. Love.

Will you keep you posted on the creeping/crawling.
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