Thursday, October 8, 2009

Guilty Horrible Parents

In the midst of figuring out which parent should get the first sleep shift and who gets the second sleep shift, and when said shift switch time should occur, we forgot. We didn't even realize, there was no handy reminder, I had no freaking idea....I missed my baby's six month birthday.

I know! What the hell?! I didn't even know the 7th came and went until I got a text this morning from Nick that said "Did you remember it was Cade's 6 month yesterday?" Um, I felt like shit. I may have cussed in my training. (No worries, it was semi-approp given it was the child restraint training and half of the day I had to pretend to bite/hit/scratch/grab/kick/choke my principal) I wanted to cry, in fact, there were tears but my friendly staffmate was kinda panicked when she saw the ol' eyes start watering and then I felt bad for making her feel bad that I was about to cry. I know, awkward.

So then today I get home for work with Cade, and I try to find the camera. Again, bad bad poor mommy. My regular camera broke, borrowing my mom's camera, can't find my mom's camera. Ugggh! Why why why can nothing be easy? So, I didn't even get a semi-fresh 6 month old pic. I have a quasi-cute pic on my phone of the 6th of the month, and nothing from the 7th, and now nothing of the 8th. Whatev, this is what happens when people don't let you say he's 5 months and they start rounding up his age so then I forget when he actually does have a milestone.

All the other cute mommies have cute pics of their cute babies with cute signs that say how old they are. My baby crunched and ate his 5 month sign. I forgot his 6 month bday. What does this say about me? I'm exhausted. I'm guilty. I missed it and I can't get it back. Damn.

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  1. We talked about his 6 months day right before his halfway through his first year mark. Obviously not listening to your mother ramble on. Grandmothers are good for something, ya know.


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