Monday, August 6, 2012

What It's Like to Have a 3 year old Boy...


There was a time when we could not imagine our baby boy walking.
Had no idea what the sound of his voice would be like.
Or what types of things he would grow to love.

What is it like to have a 3 year old boy?
Lots of talk about Spiderman.
Sound effects of shooting webs and fighting bad guys.
Asking us "Who is that superguy?"
Not eating meals, instead trying to negotiate for his favorite snacks.
Spiderman Cheez-Its. Marshmallows. Grapes popsicles (frozen grapes). Chocy Milk. Popcorn.
Jumping up and down and flapping his arms when the popcorn pops.
Asking for his shows on the "teesee".
Jumping off the couch.
Army crawling on the floor.
Dinosaur stomping to bed.
Wanting to be covered by three of his thickest baby blankets at night.
Building tents from blankets to watch movies.
Bringing every stuffed animal from his room under the tent to watch the movie together.
Superhero Squad. Batman. Spectacular Spiderman.
And then today, Carebears.
Getting out of bed 2 times each night to go potty.
Getting out of bed one more time because he just needs one more hug.
The big fat bottom lip sticking out when he's in trouble.
Telling him not to smile and then getting the cutest case of the giggles.
Telling me I'm pretty when I'm doing my makeup.
Hugging my legs just because.
Running ahead of me in the mall then turning around and sprinting back to me with open arms and sweeping him up for a huge spin and hug.
Always making sure he gets kissed and hugged goodnight.
Buying "Monster Spray" at Bath and Body Works and getting two squirts each night: one under the bed and one in the closet.
Asking me if he can help me clean when I'm wiping down counters or dusting.
Asking for "A big chocy milk like you" and putting his hands up real high.
Seeing a cool place on tv or the computer and telling me, "I want to go there."
Putting on his Spiderman mask and shirt and telling me, "No worry. Spiderman Cade here to protect  you."

Always taking care of his dog Izzy.
Running to the hearth to protect his baby sister from falling down.
Introducing himself to strangers as "Cade Lamb, Big Brother"
Telling me "I love you too Mommy" when he catches me smiling at him.
Saying he wants to grow up to be Daddy.

My heart.
My son.
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  1. Cade is what every parent and grandparent wishes their son could be...he is smart, witty, loving, funny, athletic, negotiating, thoughtful, sweet, cuddly, remorseful, adorable, and a total heart breaker. I thank God every day for my blessed life with him and Baby Sister Girl, Devyn.


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