Friday, April 26, 2013

Valentine's 2013

Flashback Friday.
Time to catch up on a few posts, from pics that have sat on my camera for months. (Um, 600 since January) and from ideas for posts I've saved on my Blogger app on my iPhone, I plan to catch up on the blog! So, Flashback Friday it is. (This flashback happens to only go back a couple of months)

Valentine's Day.
Such a nothing holiday for a lot of grown ups.
Such a big deal for a kid.
I got to thinking the working mom's fallback, "Eh, it's just a Hallmark holiday. I don't want my kids to be commercialized. It's not that important."

But the thing about Valentine's Day. It IS important to teach our kids about it.

I want my son to be a romantic.
To be okay with showing his love for his friends, teachers, and maybe a girl or two along the way.
To be creative in the ways he shows affection.
To grow up to be some lucky girl's Prince Charming.
So she can take care of him when I'm not around anymore.

I want my daughter to be excited about doing nice things for others.
To be a little more sweetheart and a little less bruiser.
To believe in Happily Ever After.
To have a high standard for her relationships.
With friends and with boys.

Yes, Valentine's Day is a holiday I need to celebrate with my children and for my children.
Show my husband love and teach my children the importance of relationships.

And finally, finding the perfect card.
He wanted me to buy him a red Valentine Batman card.
Hallmark didn't have those.
Papyrus did!
Okay, it was a generic superhero, that was red and blue.
But with a little Momma Sharpie action, it was a red Valentine Batman card.
I LOVE being able to deliver some holiday magic to my kids! 

Batman plate, bowl, and cup!  Pottery Barn Kids.

Princess plate and bowl!  Target.

Cade's Valentine's pirate shirt & Devyn's Valentine sweater tunic. Old Navy.
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