Monday, August 2, 2010

Ode to my Uncle Alex

Our trip to Cali would not be at all complete without a visit with Uncle Alex. Alex was in LA for a conference and drove down to San Diego to stay with us. We went out to Pacific Beach and hung out the first day, which was one of our summer haunts when we were growing up. Cade was 9 months old when they last saw each other at Christmas, so now at 15 months he's got some skills to show off. (Cade, not Alex, that is) Nick & I both think that Cade looks like his uncle, so it was cool to see them together. Mom says Cade acts just like Alex at this age, both scary and funny for those of us who know Alex. It makes me wonder what kind of boy and man Cade will be when he grows up. Here are the pics, enjoy.

Cade's amazement at pigeons and the crappy (literally) fish gutting station on the pier.
Like uncle, like nephew. Or something like that.

I was also quasi-teary on Cade's first day at the beach. He was kind of hesitant feeling the sand on his bare feet, but as soon as the water hit his toes he was running into the waves. We were cracking up, Stunt Man Cade at it again! He kept doing his sign for "more" and pointing to the water and saying "dat-dat-dat-dat" ("that-that-that-that"). So much for the thought that we would just walk along the beach to acclimate him to the new scene. Crazy kid. Gotta love my beach boy!
He definitely impressed Alex and seemed to fall back in love with his uncle the last few days. Thanks Uncle Al, for making the trip down! Miss you already!

-little buddy
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