Friday, June 29, 2012

Oink, Maa, La La La!


This summer we had a playgroup rotation where each momma took a turn setting up a playdate. I was so excited for my turn. I've been wanting to work on my Dallas Mommy Bucket List, and start crossing off some of the fun local places to take the lambies. Owens Spring Creek Farm was a place I went as a kid many times, so I was so excited to take my littles.   (It's part of the Bob Evans family--- yes the chain of restaurants. Yes, the one that used to be by the Galleria and had the most decadent biscuits evah!)

It's located off Plano Road, just 2 minutes past 75 in Richardson.  (Oh, just five minutes from a fab lunch at Panera or Twisted Root?? Playdate bonus points!)

We had a blast looking at the animals in their stalls. They had huge horses that blew the kids' minds, donkeys, cows, pigs, chickens, and a sweet little kitten running loose that played hide and seek with the kids. It was a fun place to go with a group of kids. They enjoyed chasing each other and there is an open grassy area for them to play tag and parents to chill. The picnic area is pretty clutch if it's not 100+ degrees.

The kids liked looking in the museum room of the barn, seeing old wagons and stuff. It's a pretty fun way to spend about an hour or two.  They give you cups of animal feed and you get to feed the goats. Warning: turns out goats can nearly jump the fence to get the cup of feed! So keep your cups away for a more gentle, less adrenaline-packed feeding situation. Who said white goats can't jump?!! (lame... but this me on Monday night)  I was super impressed by the hand sanitizers mounted to the fence as you leave the gated feeding area. Free biscuits? No... Instant sanitizer for dirty goat licked fingers? I'm not complaining.

  The highlight for me was the hayride. Park your strollers under a shade tree and hop on. (Those with hay allergies, sorry suckas!)  It was fun and bumpy and we were so proud when the kiddies looked around for their seat belts to buckle up. Sweet little, city slickers. Ain't no buckles on your hay truck!

Price: Free for 2 and under, $5 for 3+
Ages: 1-10 would have a good time
Ease of setting up group play date: Very easy! Just email the ladies from their website. If you're not a formal playgroup or school, they still let you sign up smaller playgroups.
Misc tips: You can pack a cooler for lunch or hop over to the restaurants at Campbell and 75 or hop 5 minutes up 75 to Collin Creek Mall for more fun.
Overall rating: A good time. Once or twice a year is plenty to visit here. I'd love to go back in fall and take some cute farm pics in their pumpkin patch. Even in 110 degree weather we had a good time, but it was so hot we didn't linger here. It's big and you'll be chasing your kids (bring your stroller best suited for off-roading the rocky roads), so don't expect to hang out with the mommas while the kids entertain themselves. That piece was a bummer, mommy convo is my favorite part of playdates!
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