Saturday, June 30, 2012

Swimmy Girl!

We did it! Devyn and I did our two week Mommy & Me Waterbugs class a couple of weeks ago. It was so much fun to be together just the two of us in the pool. Cade reluctantly did his preschooler swimmers class at the same time... Okay, okay by "reluctantly" I mean "kicking and screaming". We've been talking about summer being time with Mommy, and there's no school in the summer. He was so sad about not being able to go to school with his friends and beloved teachers, so I pumped him up by saying, "During the summer Mommy is your teacher!". He was excited about that, because he always wants to come to my school.  So, on day one when I was all, "We're going to swim class at Aqua Fit!" He was like "Wth, Momma?" And I was all, "Yeah, you get to swim with swim teachers!" And he was like, "Oh like Miss Janet?" and I was like, "Um, no some other lady" and he like, "Hell to the NO! You said YOU were my teacher! LIAR!" I was all "No way Holmes, I'm Devyn's teacher" and he went all crunk or something on me.

Um, so that's not exactly what happened. I registered for class and assured the Swim Whisperer (that's what her website calls her, and for good reason turns out!) that Cade was a rockstar in the water and he swim instructors last year told us to sign him up for Advanced Toddler Preschooler Algebra Swimmer Class (or whatever). So day 1 of swim class comes and he gets all shy when we walk in. Oh, that's sweet I thought. He's hiding behind my leg, aww that's kind of sweet. I've never seen him be the shy kid. Okay, seriously dude. Knock it off. Momma has to walk and carry Devyn and a swim bag with our loads of shit. We have to sit down criss cross applesauce with the other families. Jeeeez! Then his class went down to the pool and he refused to go. So his temper tantrum was freaking out the baby, so there I am sitting on the floor, all criss cross and shit, and he's latched onto me for dear life, Devyn is wiggling around and I'm trying so hard to be encouraging and positive and my voice just started all sweet and getting more panicked because he WOULD. NOT. GO. I've never seen this child before, I swear!  Two ladies took him kicking and screaming.

See friends? You think my kids are so sweet. Fret not. They can be Total Nightmares. He lived. He passed the class. There were tears the rest of week 1 and probably week 2. But we bribed him with superhero dive sticks and thank sweet baby Jesus that my mom came to class to help me wrangle both kids, because it was v. cluster f'ish if you know what I mean.

And on to the this sweet face child. Waterbugs did Devyn wonders! Her first class was only her second time in the pool.  We sang songs, we floated on our backs, we cuddled in the water, and she learned how to reach for the wall and hang on all by herself!! 10 months old and she's doing this! Amazing. The Swim Whisperer, Miss Mimi, was so informative and encouraging and all around amazing. Safety first = music to this Momma's ears. AquaFit is all about teaching kids to have confidence in the water and enjoy being in the water as opposed to throwing them in and making them swim. They explained that the trauma and negative memory of being thrown in a pool and having to fend for yourself often makes young children fearful of swimming. Um, WHAT? That is Unacceptable in my book! I love love love the pool and the beach and swimming. No way do I want a kid to be traumatized about swimming! I have lots of good memories from swim lessons and pool time growing up and I want that for my children.

My god, she loved the water. It was so sweet to see her smile and laugh and giggle and blow bubbles and do everything they wanted her to. The only complaint she had was leaving my arms and going with the instructors.  She did swim from the teacher to me and vice versa. Her little diaper booty stuck above water as she did it, which was hi-larious!  Baby got back!

The pool noodle as a swim tool was genius! It allowed the babies to feel their own bodies floating in the water and helped them get horizontal in the pool and kick her legs. When it comes to swimming she can now kick her legs and reach for me or the wall when we guide her through the water. She's not fearful of going under, and she loves to sit on the edge of the pool and fall in. (She leans forward and I'm holding onto her) We practice that and I turn her around so she learns that if she ever falls into the pool she MUST turn around and reach for the wall.

It was a fun fun class as you can tell from the other little friends who were swimming with their Mommies and Daddies. It was a blast!  If you're in the Dallas area and want a great swimming class, I highly recommend AquaFit!  They have classes for all ages and water aerobics for adults. Several ladies I know take water aerobics there and love it. The pool is salt water, so gentle on your skin and so ideal for babies and children.

That's all for tonight!
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  1. Both of your kiddos are such good swimmers! Can't wait to go to Jack Carter Pool again! :)


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