Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Chihuily at the Dallas Arboreteum

Flashback Post!!! Back in May my friend Crystal & I took the littles to the Dallas Arboreteum. They were putting the finishing touches on the fabulous Chihuily art exhibit in their many gardens.  We were blown away by the blown glass, it was truly spectacular! They light up at night, which I'd love to see. Unfortunately a huge hail storm blew through and damaged some of the pieces, but they've been restored and are in still at the Arboreteum, so if you haven't made it down yet take yourselves!

Here's our arboreteum story. Cade is all about pulling the wagon. Thank goodness because with the diaper bag and snacks and my camera bag we had little room!

Seeing all the butterflies was so fun.

Emphasis on the WAS. Yes, that's Cade grabbing a butterfly. No butterflies were hurt in this process!

Cade was all about this gorgeous exhibit in the Women's Garden. That's White Rock Lake in the background. It's so picturesque!

And then my child proceeded to talk about going swimming in there to get the "balls and swords". He scared all the other families, I waited with Devyn and trustingly got the shots of him plotting his swim.

His favorite part of the Arboreteum? The huge lush green lawn!  It's perfect for running, doing somersaults, and rolling around.

Oh, and finding a good stick = every little boy's mission in life.

Devy Girl was feeling sleepy. Zombie baby pic!
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