Friday, July 13, 2012

I heart Chick-Fil-A

Author's Note:  I struggled with even posting this, because I know a bunch of people out there who feel like Chick-Fil-A is Anti-Gay. I am Pro-Equal Rights, so I don't want to be bashed for being a hypocrite. (please?!) After doing some Google-research I don't think Chick-Fil-A and everyone who works there is 100% Anti-Gay. Sure, the CEO might be against gay marriage, but there are thousands of good people working at Chick-Fil-A who may or may  not support that opinion. This is a man who is a Christian first and donates to Christian organizations. The organizations he is giving money to for the most part just support Christian beliefs, they are not 100% anti-gay organizations. I don't think they've done anything extremely hateful towards gays,  but if I'm wrong I welcome you to let me know my posting a valid link in the comments. I'm also a Christian, and I also think business owners can operate however they wish as long as they are truly fair and kind. I would hope my news sources would report any gross acts of discrimination otherwise.

As I've said before any opinion-y posts, this blog is just my story as a little momma to my lovely lambies. If you don't like it, click on. This post just happens to be why I heart Chick-Fil-A.

Confession: Until today I've been spelling Chick-Fil-A as "Chic-Fil-A". It is chic chicken, so I'm not completely wrong. Right? Black and white? That's chic. Animal print? Chic.
 I do love this fast food chain for several reasons. Here we go:

1. I love those damn nuggets. They are addicting as hell. As a freshman living in Mosher Hall at Texas A&M (whoop!) we had a Chick-Fil-A in our commons area. And it was free!!! Okay, not really. But to my 18 year old self armed with a Aggie Bucks card it sure beat the hell outta cafeteria food! And hell, I'm an Aggie, I'm all about tradition. Freshman 15 were probably at least 8 lbs of Chick-Fil-A Combo #5 with a tank of Diet Dr. Pepper, plus 4 lbs of Lite Beer and 3 lbs of liquor + cafeteria food.

2.  It's fit for kids.  Their kid straws BEND, they are in white wrappers so kids can find them themselves, they have those plastic little mats with tape sides so you can have placemats for your babies, they have white milk and chocolate milk in little kid-sized jugs, they have fresh fruit that is LEGIT fresh (not canned), their play area is against a huge glass wall so you can pretty much see your little ones at play if you're lucky enough to score a close table. (Although Good Mommas supervise their children, another blog post all together- big sigh.... jjjjjeeeez!) OMG, and their bathrooms sometimes have TWO diaper changing table thingies. Shut the front door, right?!

3. "It's my pleasure."  I never noticed this before a year ago, when a friend pointed out that they don't say "You're welcome" they instead all say "It's my pleasure" I felt so adored and taken care of. Then I started to feel guilty. (I know, it's what I do. How many posts have I used the word "guilt" in? I hate guilt! Go away, Guilt!)  But for real, I feel all bad. It's not always their pleasure. Wouldn't it be their pleasure to sit down in a comfy booth and stuff their faces with nuggets and waffle fries that NEVER disappoint?!  It can't always be their pleasure, but every f'ing time they are so sincere when they say it and I love them all for it!  One day a few weeks ago the manager MANAGER said "You're welcome!" and she was so sweet and helpful but I felt like I found the golden ticket! I wanted to point in her face and say "Yessssssssssssss! You didn't say 'my pleasure', I AM Welcome! hahaha!" but for whatever reason I found restraint.  The staff is always so damn nice though. They always understand your order, they come to your table and ask if you'd like a refill --- even if you're in a mall location! They help carry your food to your table, which is SO appreciated as you juggle diaper bag, sippy cups, an infant and preschooler and high chair! I love the friendliness, I can't say that I always get that at Taco Bell or McDonald's or Chili's.

4.  Their salads use Romaine too!

5. They have Cow Appreciation Day. Today was that day. Come dressed as a cow and kids get a free kids meal and grown ups get a free entree. You only have to pay for your fries and drink!  Saved me $6 today! And it only cost $5 to make costumes. We used a plain white onesie we already had, bought shirts for Cade and I, and used felt and fabric glue to make our cow shirts. I used black and green poster board to make his cow ear headband, I used bobby pins to pin in my ears. I used a black bow headband of Devyn's to tuck in her tiny black cow ears. Super easy! We even cut felt tails for the kids. (Side note: I stupidly was Creepy Perv when I told a little girl who had a cute braided yarn cow tail, "Nice tail!" soon as it left my lips I wish I could have re-worded the compliment. Jeeeez.)

6. Polynesian sauce. The one sauce you should avoid at all costs because it's like 99% High Fructose Corn Syrup and 1% red dye.... again, it's crack cocaine. I love it. And I used to be a straight honey girl.

7. Waffle fries NEVER disappoint. Think back, have you ever had a soggy or burnt waffle fry? No. Do waffle fries taste good dipped in all of their sauce and milkshake options? Yes. So damn good.

8. Their milkshakes. Maybe a once a year treat for me. But they use proper whipped cream and a cherry on top and their Oreo goodness is to-die-for. So amazingly scrumptious. Ever had a bad day? Go get yourself their oreo shake. You'll feel better. I say, at least 40% better. (I also apparently heart %ages today)

9. Their high chairs. Their high chairs always have BOTH straps, and they're on wheels that ACTUALLY ROLL. This is a good tip I learned from a savvy g-ma. Carry in your tiny tot, pop them immediately in their high chair and push them thru the order line and to your table. SO MUCH EASIER than doing the hip-juggle dance!  Plus, your tot will enjoy the ride and thus, love their high chair and stay the F in their seat. Can I get an f-yes?!

Chick-Fil-A, I love you for all your chic-ness. Now play nice, I'd hate to have to boycott you!
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  1. I will have to say that I was uber impressed when they came out into the mall eating area to refill drinks. I mean, who wants to gather up a toddler, an infant, and all the related gear just to go get a refill only to find out someone claimed your seat while you were gone? As a person who has had recent and obnoxiously on-going foot issues that service is to die for.

    I think more places need to get on the stick-on place mat bandwagon. What a genius invention! I wish I'd thought of it.

    I've got to say that the nuggets always have just the right amount of crunch and waffle fries are a guilty pleasure. This summer C-F-A has had some dandy and totally absorbing toys in their kids' meals.

    As I think religion, politics, and sexual pleasures don't really belong in the fast food milieu, I prefer to pay no attention to the nay-sayers. I go the C-F-A for the food and service.


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