Saturday, July 21, 2012

A day at Nascar

A few weeks ago my dad cashed in on his birthday gift, the Mario Andretti Racing Experience at Texas Motor Speedway.  I had come across a Groupon and thought this would be a perfect gift for dad. Aren't Bucket List gifts the greatest?!  He chose to do the Formula 1 race cars, which were WAY faster than the Nascar cars.  Kudos to Dad for being the bigger badass of the group of men there that day! 

I have only been out to Texas Motor Speedway once. I thought it was fun to dress White Trash (hehe) and have beer brunch (AKA tailgating) at 9:00am. This time I was pumped to be in the middle of the track.  And armed with my camera. And some knowledge from many Google searches on how to best photograph race cars.   I think for my first time doing any type of "sport" photography, I came away with some cool pics. I was totally going for the sharp car but blurred stands in the background to capture the speed.

They do drag racing too. We watched for a bit before we drove out. I think it'd be a fun day trip to take the kids out to watch drag racing when they're a little older.

Here he is suiting up.

All the men were walking around like total badasses. As soon as they got into those racing suits they all had a swagger about them. Totally hilarious. Especially the dude next to us who wore dress shoes and brought along his shih tzu, Sophie, and "arm candy"/"trophy wife" Betty. 

So glad my dad had the sense of mind to wear tennis shoes. Here is giving his pre-race thumbs up.

Lap #1, that's my Dadio, notice the thumbs up! Pretty impressive considering the G-force.

It was a totally great experience. Fun for him to race and fun for me to photograph!!
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