Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Who's Bad?

Do you know what does NOT bode well for me the next oh, 21 years?
The fact that I cannot get an appropriate level of angry at this child for wasting the remaining half tube of toilet paper is no bueno if I can't hone that skill to discipline her. Seriously.
Oh, you forged Mommy's signature and dotted the "i" in my name with heart? Too damn cute.
Oh, you said a parent was going to be at the mall with you, but you were really alone. You bought me some Bath & Body Works? Awww, okay.
Oh, you said you were spending the night at your friend's house but you really went to Venice Beach Minor Madness? Aw, I did that too, you ARE a Momma's girl!

If I can NOT get this under control we will have a wild child. My worst fears: drug addicted, knocked up, high school drop out. Daddy's worst fears: stripper prostitute working at a little sketchy massage parlor.

Back to the here and now though. Our little Devyn is 11 months old and has the sweetest little personality. She is quiet and calm, but a little sneaky. She'll try the usual baby tricks: splashing in the dog's water bowl, eating the dog's food, playing with the DVD cases, and of course--- going after the toilet paper. When you say, "No, no Devyn!" She gives you the little sly smile and slowly moves her hand away. Then you turn around one minute later and she is at it again. You say, "No, no Devyn!" and she busts out a giggle and shakes her head and laughs some more. Then you go to pick her up and she nuzzles into your neck and gives you a huge open mouthed kiss. And yep-- you've been charmed.

Here is the remaining evidence of our perp in action.
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