Sunday, September 2, 2012

Fire Station fun!

This summer one of the top playdates was a trip with Cade's preschool buddies to the Frisco Fire  Safety Town.  I give this outing a full five stars!  I've passed it a few times on the way to eat at Babe's.  I am so glad that we went and I can't wait to go again.  We took a crew of  1-7 year olds and I think every kid had a great time. Cade insisted on bringing his fireman hat to wear, which was a solid choice in my opinion!  When we first arrived they let us take pictures with the kids all lined up on the end of the firetruck. We snapped and snapped away, it was tres adorable!

 Half of the property is the Fire School where they have lessons and field trips for school groups, the other half appears to be an actual working fire station.  One of the kind firemen led us on a tour.  He led the kids down the first hall and Cade was right in front, ready to ask some questions. On the wall was a photo mural of firemen eating dinner at the firehouse. In the middle of the fireman's shpiel Cade raises his hand to answer a question. I was so proud. Until he opened his mouth. "My Lolli and Papa bring me limes to my house."  Um, holy randomness, Batman! wth, son?!  The fireman noticed that Cade had spotted limes in the mural and so-sweetly acknowledged him then finished his little chat.  Thank you, Sir!

The next room had a real fire truck that was buried in the floor so the kids could climb in on their own and not be up quite so high. Genius!  They had so much fun exploring in the fire truck, buckling themselves in the jump seats and pretending to drive and use the little radio. Devyn found the shiny bell, which was right up her girly little alley.  Looking back at these pics from early June where she had just one top tooth I can't believe how busy she was this summer growing 3 more in just a month and a half!
They had a whole wall of fire tools that the fireman showed the kids. They kind of got it, only be 2 and 3 years old, but they did a sweet job of paying attention.  They all looked super sweet trying on the fireman boots.  I'm so glad Cade won't be that big for years. I'm NOT looking forward to the sweaty teenage years.

The fireman also took the kids to a room where there was a simulation of a tornado.  They had flat screen tv's in the place of windows and a fake newscast on the tv in the "living room" that was announcing an impending storm. The picture on the windows got darker and looked stormy. Then the surround sound made a lot of thunder and the lights flickered if I remember right. The kids did pretty well. Not the best group of little students I've ever seen, but I was impressed for what they did pay attention to!  They even got to go "upstairs" in the house and there was a roof where older kids could practice climbing out on the roof to get to safety.

The best part was getting to go outside. They have an actual kid-sized town with a mini church, bank, streets, and traffic lights. The kids had fun running around pretending to be cars and following stop signs and waiting for green lights. It was so adorable! They had so much fun! I totally loved getting to chat in the shade with the other mommas while the kids ran around Safety Town (which is safely gated off from real traffic and completely on its own property. The doors to the buildings were all locked, so the kids just ran from building to building..... or crawled!)
Ages: 9 months - 10 years
Cost: Free
Pros: Free, great for older and younger siblings, every kid loves firefighters and the staff at Frisco Fire Safety Town were very sweet and accommodating, they had provided water outside for the children to drink out of paper cups (super cool if you're 3 years old!)
Additional tips: During the summer they have fun Friday nights where kids can bring their bikes to ride around the play "streets".  They also do trick-or-treating in the Safety Town in October.
Cons: I can't think of any. We truly had an awesome time! Just pack smart, bring snacks for your younger children. There are lots of dining options closeby, so if you schedule a morning tour you can hit up a kid-friendly restaraunt for lunch afterwards.

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