Friday, September 14, 2012

wtf, Pinterest?!

Before you hate me and walk off, stay with me for a minute. I love Pinterest. Too much. I seriously adore it. But of course with every rose comes a few thorns, amiright?  Okay, you're still not with me. Give me one more second of your time. Do you truly think everything on Pinterest is a good idea? Are you a Pinaholic who will put anything and everything on your boards, regardless of whether you'd actually ever make or do it yourself?  You need an intervention. I'm here to give it to you.

Bad ideas on Pinterest.
#1. The flip flop hanger. Who is actually going to hang up your flops at the end of the day? Why do this?  Is there not a shelf or rack you can flop them on. For God's sake people, do you find no joy in flicking your foot and having your flops flip right into the closet?
Flip Flop Hanger
No, I'm not going ot install a rod at the bottom of my closet. No I'm not going to fashion cute little hangers for my flops, complete with swirly ends and fabric neckware. What is that? NO!

#2. Spaghetti hot dog nastiness.
Hot Dog Spaghetti
In whose world is this appetizing? Okay, maybe your one year old's... but it doesn't have to become their favorite food. Restrain yourself. Make a PB&J. I'd rather see a fancy bento box that took you 40 minutes to make than this monstrosity of culinary fails. What momma has time to shove spaghetti into raw hotdogs? Does that even work? The sensory of that just creeps me out. My personal tactile nightmare. omg.... It looks so digusting after it's been cooked too. The only reason your kid would eat this is because he's worried what his psychopath momma is gonna do next. In fact, he's sending his resume to Honey Boo Boo's momma. Excuse me, maybe it's not so bad.......Oh, but it is. It is bad, and thanks for the million versions of re-pinning this loser idea. So  not only did you actually cook this, but you reblogged it as your own idea. Oh yeah, you added ketchup. That's great. That's just great. Spaghetti in ketchup. Looks like a bloody nightmare. I just can't. Don't tell me it's just like marinara. What kid doesn't like a regular plate of sketti or a good ol' fashion dog grilled right? Please, serve these "centipedes" at your dinner party and let's tell each other some cool puns.

#3.  Lame comments on your pins. When I repin your deal, I don't want to have to delete your lame-o phrases such as "I'll be glad I pinned this later!"  or "Pin now, read later"  Um, thanks for the tips Miss Helpful. What would I do without you?!  You mean, I can pin it now...without reading the link...then go back...and read it later? You revolutionary, you.

#4 Pics of animals with not-so-clever puns.
cover squirrel
This little guy got 108 likes and 498 repins. Really? You  need to repin that to enjoy later. I hate to be your coworker... "Hey Cindy, you've got to come check this out!" So you rush over thinking there's something worthy of interrupting your workload. And on their little iPhone they proudly show you this little gem. Um... thanks? You muster a half smirk. They look at you like you're all crazy. "Don't you get it? Cover Squirrel? Like Cover Girl!"  Oh yeah, you're right, Betty. I'm the crazy one!

#5 Workout "motivation".
This is going to motivate me to buy a better bra. Or get a boob job. Or get a manicure and forget my pants.  I despise teeny tiny bodies giving me workout wisdom.  There are ton of links to really great health and fitness sites that have helped me out so much. I'm seriously only bugged by these random pics with workout tips.  I'm certain this chick is not known at the "fit friend".  The tanning bed junkie with a breast infection, maybe.

There are so many more on Pinterest....I'm tempted to create a board dedicated just to the bad ideas of Pinterest. I wonder if the makers of Pinterest ever get totally pissed. I'm certain at their work happy hours they sit around looking at these Pins and saying to each other, "This is NOT what we created this site for!! We are not better than Facebook because of this!"  And debating on whether they find a away to cancel all the lame pins or promote free speech.

At least that's what they do in my head....
Night bloggies.

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  1. I have seen people pin on Pinterest 'Pinterest Fails'. I bet this happens more often than not.


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