Thursday, September 13, 2012

Clowing Around

The final family date of summer vacation was our August trip to the Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey circus at the American Airlines Center.  Nick and I have dreamed about taking our kids to the circus forever. Finally they were just barely old enough to enjoy it, and hopefully have a few memories.  (The way we figure, you gotta build up all those great memories when they're young, so when they're older you can use all the fun times o' yore as ammo against any potential teenage disrespect...or something like that.)

Momma Tip:  Get to the circus early so you can take the kids down on the floor and see the performers and animals up close and personal. No worries, they're not letting you pet the tigers or anything crazy, but you do get to get autographs, take pics with performers, and see how they do it up close. They even set out costumes for you to try on! So freaking fun (once you get past the germy part of it).

Devyn and Cade kept holding hands throughout the day. Momma's heart was melted.
Cade humored me and put on the ginormous capes.

There was a whole bunch of lights out and glow in the dark action. The kids were totally mesmerized.

As a Momma I was freaking the hell out when the tightrope gang got up and did their thang. #1 So dangerous! #2 WTF with the costumes #3 The shoes! The lady tightrope walker even changed shoes atop the teeny tiny perch. That was probably the scariest moment for me. I prayed so hard that they wouldn't fall to their death for their safety.

My favorite part (and Cade's) was the huge tigers.  I'm really hoping that I don't have to Google PETA's take on circus animals, because that would totally ruin the magic of the tiger tamer.  These animals are just huge and majestic and so insanely beautiful.  Whenever I see a gorgeous creature it just reaffirms my faith in God. How else would this amazing animal exist? I love them. Thank you, God, for tigers. Seriously.

And in my head for a moment there, that was Harry from Sex and the City. Am I right? That would have been a killer storyline. I can see Charlotte all dressed up at the circus and finding his tight lawyer by day, tiger tamer by night totally hot.  But then I zoomed in on the spandex and thought, eh, nevahmind.

Those wacky tightrope kids at it again. Who the hell is this chick with her mega hair extension ponytail? And why does she think sitting on a chair on a pole suspended on two men's shoulds who happen to be riding bicycles ON A TIGHTROPE is a good idea?   Show me the paycheck. There is no way homegirl is getting paid enough. I bet she's thinking "Who do I gotta screw around here to be a clown?" ha.

And then, these two clowns.

Why does Daddy get all the credit for this princess? The eyes, their perfect little noses, the hair, the little ears. It's all him.  I love the way she loves him too. I  must video him coming home for you, bloggies. It's adorbs.

So Momma's review:

Cost: pricey depending on where you sit
Ages: I'd say ages 3 and up. Devyn being a new walker and cruising around the seats was just too much.
Food: Not as awesome as you'd like to think. That didn't stop us from gorging on chicken tenders, popcorn (bleh and you know how I LOOVE me some pah-kern). Cotton candy = deelish!
Fun quota: Pretty dang fun. I think the kids could be older for me to give it a full "OMG that was AWESOME!" For the 3 year old and 1 year old I was just a bit exhausted. It's a looong day if you get there early for good parking, the preshow, and stay the whole way through.
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