Friday, November 11, 2011

Halloween fun!

We seriously  had the best Halloween ever this year! Cade has been in love with pirates since Jake and the Neverland Pirates took over Disney Jr.  I have secretely been so excited for him to get into pirates since I was nursery shopping and saw the cutest little pirate themed boy's room. I searched and searched at fabric stores and online and found this perf little costume on  Another huge BONUS of the costume was that it was silky and soft just like pj's.  After last year's refusal to put on his puppy costume (aside from the one pic I managed to snag at the pumpkin patch) I knew I'd have to figure out a costume that he'd be comfy in.  (And that would look cool with the checkered Vans, of course).

So we planned the family costumes around our little pirate. For Cade's first Halloween we dressed up as Lion (Cade), Dorothy (Mommy) and Scarecrow (Daddy) from Wizard of Oz. This year we stayed with the Peter Pan / Jake and Neverland Pirates theme. I rocked a Forever 21 green tunic and black Loft leggings and Nick snagged a costume from the Halloween store at the last minute. (I picked up the Hook hat and facial hair at US Toy for so cheap!)  

Devyn's costume was the most effort. I bought the mint green long-sleeved onesie from Little Lam boutique in Richardson. If you haven't been, take yourselves there. Be prepared to drop some money, because there is some seriously cute clothes for babies and toddlers.

Mom and I then headed to JoAnn fabric and discovered the sequin trim courtesy of Disney, it's legit Tinkerbell sequins. Yo ho! (Or as Cade says, "Ho ho, mateys!!")  We also layered a super shiny white and lime green tulle and sewed a baby tutu.  I used stick on rhinestones to blig it out between the layers. We used extra sequin trim to make a headband and stuck on a big pink flower clip I already had.  She also got a cute little pair of pink ballet slippers with pink flowers from one of the baby showers, they were the perfect finishing touch!

Luckily Devyn woke up enough to trick or treat. She's such an early sleeper, she loves to go down between 5:30 and 6:00pm!
Getting Cade to smile or even "Argh!" for the camera was impossible!! He was so happy that everyone was playing dress up with him. 
After I was done laughing at the shoe covers/faux Hook boots I fell in love with my husband all over again for totally making Cade's life by surprising him in the Hook costume. Cade's reaction was so sweet, he was so so happy! 

Confession. Turns out $3 sticker facial hair doesn't really stick. I had to glue stick it Nick's face.  No real facial hair or skin sacrificed in the process.
Our first house.  People really do give away candy. For free. All of the neighbors just give it away. For free!!! Mind blowing to the Cadester.

Proud Grammie and Lolli getting some pre-festivity lovin from Devyn!
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