Sunday, November 13, 2011

What's up?

What's up with you? You've been asking... Here is my list of what I'm up to.

1. Adjusting to being a working mommy again. Just when I found my groove and a set of great girlfriends with babies who stay home or work part time, my time was up. Being back at school felt like home again too. I remembered my first day teaching walking into the building and saying to myself, "So this is my new home. One day these big unfamiliar halls will be old hat.". Sure enough it felt good to be back and use my teacher skills. Most days it still feels good. Out of the month I've been back I've only had one bad day.

2. Getting used to "short" hair. Seeing myself in the mirror these days is strange. I like my new 'do but I'm tempted to go long again. The flat iron has treated me well but I miss my big ute curling iron. What's a girl to do?!

3. Starting the holidays with Devyn is bringing back so much excitement and so much longing for my grandmother and uncle to be back with us. The memories are fun to experience again but the wish to have them here and see my babies is too much sometimes. Every time I think "Life is not fair" I remind myself that "Life is okay, it's okay to go on, there are more blessings down the road if you just hang on". Having Devyn and Cade reminds me we have to move forward and not spend too much time wishing for the past. I am so thrilled to see Cade experience Santa again and for Devyn to be able to roll over and sit up and be mesmerized by Christmas lights. I can hardly wait to decorate!

4. Bootcamp. The last time I did a bootcamp style exercise class was four years ago. I was in THE best shape of my life. Then I had kids. Now I'm back to square one. I have zero muscle (except my arms from carrying babies) and zero endurance (unless jumping out of bed several times a night to tend to find a binky or nurse an infant counts). So it's safe to say bootcamp is kicking my butt. I hope to a badass again soon, so watch out.

5. Reinventing Mommy Time. Working on achieving The Balance of mommy, teacher, girlfriend, and just plain me. I had it down during maternity leave, now trying to do it all and get "me" time is overwhelming. Most of the time I enjoy the ride. (and when I'm not, Diet Dr. Pepper and fries seems to help).

Later bloggies! I've got to capitalize on Holy Grail Time AKA dual nappage of the kids so mommy gets a nap too!!

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