Thursday, April 7, 2011

Cade's 2nd birthday!

What better time to catch up on blog posts than summer? Lets flashback a few months to April! I know I already blogged about how hard it was for me to watch Cade grow up to be a 2 year old. Official toddler time. Only one more year til he reaches "preschooler" status, at which point I may just need some help breathing.
We planned a little family party for our boy. Last year's 1 year old bash with all of mommy & daddy's friends was a little overwhelming. This year we had the party again at home, and it was Toy Story theme, his FAVORITE movie ev-er! We had snacks and cupcakes and balloons and presents, it was perfect for our little man!

The whole fam came! Cade's godmother Amanda & her mom, Maryann, Grand Aunt Shanon, Gigi, Lolli & Papa, and Grammie & Grandaddy. Mommy & Daddy surprised Cade with a big red crab sandbox! Aunt Kelly and Uncle Eric got him a ton of diggers and dozers and he got shovels to play with too. He is in heaven when he's in his sandbox playing construction man.
Aunt Kelly & Uncle Eric

Papa & Lolli

Great grandmother, GiGi!
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