Saturday, April 23, 2011

Dyeing time!!

After last year's PAAS fiasco, I was going to be certain to A. avoid that brand, and B. wait before 8pm the night before Easter to dye Easter eggs. Fresh up from naptime, Cade and I sat down to a table of Disney Toy Story egg dye & a batch of 18 hard boiled eggs & got to work making Easter. I opted for the "add 3 tbs vinegar" option to make for super bright eggs. Our eggs turned out GORGEOUS (proof to come), but we were left with dyed pink hands. After Googling "how to remove Easter dye from hands" (previous search today was "how to hard boil eggs")

Turns out the magic combo is baking soda + water + lemon juice. You won't notice any dye coming off your hands at all. In fact, after a good 8 minutes of scrubbing and playing with this paste, you may even start to have visions of your son 15 years from now gearing up for high school football with pink hands. You give up, because you have a birthday party to get to, and an hour later, no kidding, hands are totally dye free. On retrospect, this kind of scares me about the power of baking soda + oxygen over that topic for another day, huh?

Here he is oohing and ahhing over his "cool" purple eggs & then seeing the effect on his fingers. I love that face and those lips. :) Happy Easter everyone! Better hop to bed so the Easter bunny can come.

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