Thursday, November 18, 2010

Holy Feats of Cuteness, Batman!

Hello month 19, I LOVE YOU!!! Nobody prepped me for the adorableness that is Cade Andrew Lamb at 19 months old. Some of my favorite moments from this month so far:

- Cade finding Izzy for his ritual morning or evening snuggle and kiss. He doesn't stop kissing her and she doesn't stop kissing him. It's too much.

- When he tries to pull me up by grabbing one of my fingers in each of his fists and leading me to our king size bed for Smash Time. Daddy drops him in pillows and we have a family wrestle, Izzy included. Usually ends in a cuddle.

- When he tries to pull up Nick and I for dance time. Usually to Glee:)

- He says "Hi" and does the little Cade wave (opening and closing his hand).

- The different animal noises he's mastered cracks me up. Horse, cow, sheep, cat, dog, snake, turkey, elephant, and today, frog.

- His love for all things boy: fire trucks, airplanes, bulldozers, cranes, anything John Deere, baseball, schoolbuses, people falling down or crashing or otherwise getting hurt

- When I turned on the Husker game and told him "It's football!" He kicked his foot out in front of him and said "oo - ball"

- He bellies up and sits on the coffee table and despite me saying "Oh no, get down", he slid off and then bellied back up on the coffee table and then clapped for himself and giggled. Soo deliciously naughty.

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