Sunday, August 16, 2009

Rice Cereal-- yummy yummy!

**Yes, the title of the blog is a reference to The Wiggles. Yes, I made it my own song. Yes, I'm aware this makes me ahead of other mommies of 4 month old. Yes, I'm taking credit for it when really credit is due to a former student with Autism. Anyhoo, I'm pretty much in love with The Wiggles from just the snippets of their songs I've learned from various students with Autism, and I wish I was a Wiggle too. I'd be rich for being silly, and that's pretty much ingenius! If anyone wants to start the next generation Wiggles I'm now accepting applications. IF you don't know what I'm talking about please take a moment to YouTube and then you may rejoin us.

Rice cereal attempt #1: Wednesday night. I picked up Chili's To-Go for us and Rice Cereal for Cade. I was so excited. We ate our Chili's first, lest it get cold (bad parenting mistake #1392) and then I quickly mixed up some rice cereal. Okay, not quickly at all. I studied that package more than I studied for my SAT and GRE combined. I mixed the 1 tbs rice cereal with 5 tbs perfectly warmed to room temp distilled water with the care of a mad scientist mixing highly volatile compounds. I cleared the kitchen table, laid out our cute new placements (Kudos Aunt Shanon!), put the Bumbo on the table, and I went to the bouncer to gather my son. Who was sleeping soundly with binks just barely in his mouth, the tip of the sucky end just being moved ever-so-slighty by his sleepy tongue. So freaking cute, and so very frustrating. I've been hearing the legend of the rice cereal (that it makes your kid sleep oh so very soundly) and I wanted to try!

Rice cereal attempt #2: Thursday night. AKA best moment of my life. (aside from Cade's birth and the first time he says "Mommy") Um, I wasn't prepared for the amount of preciousness that would take place in my kitchen. I was not warned. I could barely handle it. I'm tearing up right now, 3 days later, as I recount the story. I can't believe the amount of pride and amazement I felt seeing him eat!

My words can't do it justice, here are the pics. (Soon to come: video)

Giving Cade a preview of what's to come.
This, my man, is your challenge.
omg: note the presh curled toes!
That would be his spoon in his death grip.
This guy loves his food!

Cracking himself up and how good it tastes!

He insisted on sucking the spoon completely dry.
He just wouldn't believe me that I would give him more!

This is the face he made between every bite.
Physical cue to Mommy: "Give me MORE!"
And we're very proud of ourselves.
Yes, Mommy forgot my bib, but we were already filthy, so whatevs!Your question now is, "How well did he sleep that night?" Um, little man wanted to eat and eat and eat. He nursed TWICE after this before he went to bed for good. Slept at 7:45pm, woke at 8:15pm and partied until 9:30pm. Slept until 2:00am, needed binks, slept until 5:45am. Nursed. Got binks. Slept until 6:30am.
Rice cereal attempt #3: Friday night. Mixed it a little thicker this time. Went to bed at 8:00pm, it's 8:00am and he's STILL SLEEPING! Meanwhile, Mommy has been up since 6:15am and can't get back to sleep. Could be that my baby has me TRAINED! Or that my boobs are just about to explode and I can't figure out if I should go ahead and pump or wait until he wakes up. Go walk the dog? Or enjoy coffee in peace and quiet? Do yoga? Or Shop online?
As is every decision in my life right now....I have no clue. What if my baby needs me?!

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  1. This is such an adorable post and I am very jealous of your 12 hour sleeping baby. Wow! Go you!

  2. Isn't it too fun to feed them "real" food? You're too funny with the precise measurements. I did that the first few days too, and now I just dump some cereal in the bowl and add water until I think it looks right. ;) We're on to MEAT tonight. Turkey with sweet potatoes. fun, fun, fun!!!


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