Saturday, August 29, 2009

He got that boom-boom-POW!

So if you've been a loyal reader, you may remember my prego worries about not knowing complete lyrics to lullabies and other baby-friendly songs. I didn't so much use my pregnant days studying up. I got some CD's from my mom, but the songs are so slow and lame, so I've made my own little rhyme-y songs for Cade. I'll break you off a little piece of the Mama-song action:

"We're going in the car,
We're going the car,
We won't be going very far,
But we're going in the car."

Sometimes though, I need some adult time and I need to bring the flava! I'm also known to talk to Cade and something I say or something he does reminds me of another song, so I bust him out some of that too. He especially loves songs with dances that go with the lyrics. Nick gets in on it too. We've realized that the only song we both know in its entirety is "Baby Got Back". Hims loves a good beat. "My anaconda don't want none unless you got buns hun!" He cracks up and grunts along with us.

On the changing table he prefers me to sing "Boom Boom Pow". I don't know if it's messed up if my son likes my booty shaking moves, but whatev. One night I was so busted by an older couple walking by. Guess that's my karma for window-looking myself when we're on a family walk.

Another time in the car Cade was squaking in the backseat. Nick and I broke him off some 2 Live Crew. Our apologies to the grandparents. We promise to learn more approp songs by the time he goes to preschool.

And time for a skills-update for friends and fam who haven't seen him in awhile. At 4 1/2 months old he can now:
  • Roll over
  • Push up his chest off the floor
  • Put his toes in his mouth and suck away
  • Put his binks in his mouth
  • Eats rice cereal like a champ
  • Has figured out that the bib holds spilled rice cereal and sucks off any fallen bits
  • Splashes in the bath tub
  • Can grab onto chest hair (sorry Papa!) and skin you didn't know could pull away from your body (mommy's chest when feeding, ouch! mommy's skin on her jaw, eech!)

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