Saturday, August 8, 2009

Mama's Boy!

Time for another DOC band theme. (Mama can only do football for so long...) I found these awesome stickers, a little bit punk skater and little bit rock & roll. The stickers (when read left to right) say, "Mama's Boy" "Chillin'" "Late Night" and "In my crib". Could I love it more?!
Showin' off some blonde hair!
Gotta sneak in a kiss of the top of his head. Totally missing forehead kisses. Kissing the plastic helmet isn't the same.
The great news is at this week's helmet check we got to see the mold of his head that was used to make the band. Not only does it look smaller than his actual head (could he have grown in 3 weeks- yes!), but you could see the flat spot is not so flat anymore! The clinician even pointed out where you could the plates in his head um, changing and rounding out above his left ear. You'd think this would be painful for a little guy, but he's still loving his helmet. When I take it off to do a clothing change (we're MAJOR droolers these days, soaking thru a few outfits and bibs a day) he stares at it and tries to reach for it on the changing table. Very cute! Mama's very proud that my little man loves to accessorize!
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