Sunday, June 28, 2009

Swim Time!

June 28th was our first family swim day! We headed over to Lolli & Papa's house to take Cade for an evening swim. Of course, Izzy had to get in on the action. The pool is above the ground style, and Lolli had put Izzy on the outdoor table so she could see us. Sure enough the dog balanced front legs on the edge of the pool and hind legs on the table and was wagging her tail like crazy.
After some coaxing, she jumped in our arms to join us! She never ceases to amaze us at her mothering instincts, she just HAD to check on Cade (see her on Nick's back?). This was actually Cade's second time in a pool, this time was much more of a success compared to the first time. First time we were with my girlfriends and he slept through the whole experience. Most chill baby ev-er... how the heck did he end up that way?! Now that we've got more head control he enjoyed kicking his feet a bit as we whirled him around the water. Izzy found a perch on the floating lounge chair and it was good family fun. I can't wait to buy him pool toys and play games with him. It's like my childhood part 2! Only better more high-tech toys. I scoped out the selection in Target the other day. I found these little balls that you can dive for, howev-- twist!, you can set them to float at varying heights in the water, super tricky. And goggles are waaay cooler these days. They have some that look like SpiderMan eyes. And I better have a little girl next time, because there are little mermaid barbie things that swim in the pool! Anyways, the best is yet to come! I can't WAIT!

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