Wednesday, June 24, 2009

omg--- parent lifeguards to the rescue

Thank God for baby monitors....Just had our first "Holy shit! My baby's choking and gasping for air!" moment. It all started with a little cough or two, then the unmistakable sound of choking. And the terrifying sound of little baby gasp that makes you, as their parent, want to simultaneaously throw up on yourself and burn down the world to save them.

Nick and I ran to the nursery to get Cade, which totally freaked out the dog who barked at us and ran after us. In my instant replay right now I recall that sprint feeling more like slow-mo Baywatch running, minus red slutsuit and fabulous hair. Really though, is there any speed that is fast enough when you think your child is in danger? Me thinks not.

I grabbed Cade and in an instant was so relieved that his face wasn't purple and that he was starting to sputter out spit/milk. I really hope that I didn't pause and smile at his normal pink color. I threw him up on my shoulder and got a big burp out along with a little more spit-up. He was breathing fine and was pretty calm, okay, maybe mildy upset. At least of the three of us, he won the calm award. (Nick and I being instantly disqualified for holding our breaths up until that point.) I rocked him for an unnecessarily long twelve minutes (he fell right back to sleep, after allowing me to feel like somewhat of a hero as he whimpered and I consoled).

What is wrong with me that I am patting myself on the back for getting CPR certified? (ahem, and AED should you need debfibrillating, heh heh) Why does it feel oh-so-good to be the one to soothe a whimpering baby with hugs and soft words. I'm not so sure that "Shhh, Mommy's here" would be comforting if he realized that I'm new at this gig and am pretty much making it up as I go along.

So, yes I'll head to bed now. I doubt I'll be able to sleep for fear of another choking incident. In fact, bed might very well be a pallet of blankets on the floor by his crib (laminated infant CPR cheat sheet in hand). And I'm sure fate will have it that this kid will sleep 8 hours straight. Nick and I just said earlier tonight, the world could completely go to hell, as long as our baby is healthy and safe we will be happy. I refuse to take that for granted and promise that I thank God and pray for him every night. With that, I'll sign off for the night, so you can go pray for him too.

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