Friday, June 26, 2009

Baby Bumps

I can't believe I'm beginning to forget what it felt like to be pregnant. I had some gas or something the other day and it felt kind of like a baby moving, but not quite. It was fun to feel something poking out and seeing it move and roll around, and wonder who it was in there. I can't belive I've had nearly 3 months of blissful stomach sleeping..... (if you don't count nighttime feedings or rock hard breasts full of milk)

Here are my favorite pics. The first one is so lame, but I was still hiding my pregnancy from coworkers at that point. I love how until December I had to majorly arch my back so I could feel really round and prego. By January I didn't so much need to do that. With that much weight and the perfectly rounded basketball-looking belly I probably would have really pissed off my chiropractor had I kept up that pose constantly.

Being pregnant or having a baby? Having my baby to hold in my arms is way better. I told my mom and dad today that I wasn't surprised that I would love Cade more than I had ever imagined..what has surprised me about being a mom is how much he already adores me. He will be falling asleep and if I talk his little eyelids struggle to open and find me. I can talk him and smile him out of being sad. When I find him in the crib on mornings when he's awake and waiting for me to get him, as soon as I go in and talk to him he lights up and everything looks right in his world. Mmmmm, I've been waiting my whole life to be loved like this! It's the most heavenly, delicious feeling in the world.
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