Thursday, March 5, 2009

happy girl

I'm a happy girl today. I took the day off so I could catch up on sleep. The last couple of weeks I've been struggling to make it through a night ---sometimes discomfort and sometimes just staying awake thinking about things. I slept so good last night, woke up ready to go and just enjoy the day!

The weather is GORGEOUS! Stunning and so inspiring. I'm so excited to have a spring baby and hang out with Cade. He's going to be my best friend. I can't wait! Well, seriously, I can wait...hoping to make it just past that April 1st date.

Things that make a great day off:
1. sleeping well
2. hot fresh bagels
3. 80 degree weather & open windows
4. a DVR full of my favorite shows
5. a great night of tv lined up
6. leftover baby shower cake!

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