Saturday, March 7, 2009

expiration dates...

So, I've had this thing since I saw the two lines telling me I'm pregnant.  It's an obsession with expiration dates. One of my former students' mom confessed she also had a similar obsession, so I figured it wasn't too strange to blog about.

Ever since becoming pregnant and getting that April 1st 2009 due date, I've paid much more attention to expiration dates than I used to.  At first I thought it was responsible mommy instinct kicking in, not wanting to poison my unborn child with food that's past due. (You'd think most people are just this responsible enough without the excuse of protecting a fetus, but then again I'm the girl who thought 4 day old pizza was safe and ended up in ER with e coli)

I've been getting my thrills lately from finding food products with expiration dates that occur after Cade's due date.  I dub my life in 2 categories now: B.C. (Before Cade) and A.C. (After Cade).  That's not too blasphemous to get kicked by karma, right? Anyways, each time I find a new expiration date that is A.C., I get so excited. It was pretty exhilarating to find my first RERIGERATED food product that was going to be good even when Cade is here. Green olives. Yes!! Cade could eat these! (Not that we'll be past a liquid diet in June...)  

 I know when the milk's expiration date is A.C. it will be the ultimate satisfaction.  I'll be so close to meeting and holding my son!  That milk will be some of the most special milk ever.  I might just have to save the empty carton for Cade's memory box.   I'll let you know when that day comes.  Until then, I'm 24 days and counting!

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